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Prevent. Protect. Prolong.

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Welcome to your backyard oasis. Keep it looking incredible with Fence Armor®, a family of post protection unlike any other. Prolong the life of wood, metal, and vinyl with Fence Armor® metal post guards, post caps, and decorative finials. Add years to the life of your new and existing fences, pergolas, and decks – it's not just smart, it's beautiful and cost-effective. Our patented, two-piece design post protectors, universal post caps, and decorative finials are easy to install and designed to prevent, protect, and prolong your property’s curb appeal for years to come. All Fence Armor® products are proudly 100% manufactured in North America and made entirely from durable and sustainable, 22-gauge, U.S. galvanized steel. Choose from a range of premium-quality, powder-coated-colors, and finishes, or create a custom color to match your unique aesthetic. We're so sure you'll love the look of Fence Armor® on your property, we put our name on it. It's guaranteed – Prevent. Protect. Prolong.™ If it doesn't look as great as it protects, then it's not Fence Armor®.
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The #1 Choice is Steel

Abundant, strong and flexible, steel accommodates every post material and size. This makes steel the best defence for any post.

Hard Core Protection

Starts with 100% American galvanized steel. It’s then dipped in zinc, followed by a durable, powder-coat finish.

Engineered Structure

The patented corner radius is designed to increase structural integrity, while reducing wear and tear on grass trimmer lines.

365/360° Protection

Fence Armor’s two-piece design offers additional side-slots to accommodate post expansion and contraction during seasonal weather.

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What the Pros are Saying

"We think it's a great product, and we'll definitely recommend it with further projects on down the line."

Rocky, Indy's Finest Fence

"When we build things, we build it right once, and once only. This product adds to that philosophy."

Andy, Yorkshire Fence & Deck

"I've been in the grass-cutting industry for over 20 years now, and I've ruined my fair share of posts for fences. This stuff is just unstoppable."

Justin, Davis Fences


It’s so refreshing to deal with a company that’s so attentive to its customers. I hope my neighbors see my Fence Armor® and purchase them as well. This is truly a life-saver for my fence posts.

Deborah Soto, Florida

Fence Armor® was as advertised. No two poles are identical, and the product’s flexibility ensured a custom fit. The screw hole placements allowed for a quick and effortless installation. The embossed logo added a professional appearance also. I shopped around; this product was the highest quality, at a reasonable price. I would recommend them to anyone looking for round or square post protection.

John, Ripley Lawncare

Fence Armor® has been so easy to work with! I work in the sign industry and have customers looking for a solution to protect their community posts from damage from landscaping equipment. I found Fence Post Protectors through online research and have helped multiple communities and will continue to use this product. Easy to order, and easy to install.

Debra, Fastsigns in Orlando, Florida

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Fence Armor® The Protection You Can Trust

If you are looking for fence supplies that are used for protecting bottom of fence posts, look no further. The Fence Armor® Fence Protector Post Shields are here to help you prevent your posts from suffering damage caused by weed trimmers and routine fence maintenance. The fence protector post guards are a necessity to have in your fence supplies tool kit. The Fence Armor® Post Guards are made using American steel, and manufactured entirely in North America.

You no longer have to worry about having a damaged, unsightly fence post affecting the curb appeal of your home. The Fence Armor® post shields are designed to make protecting bottom of fence posts easy and simple.

Why Trust The Fence Armor® Post Shields

When you think of fence supplies, you probably think of the lumber and tools used to build fences and gates, but the Fence Armor® fence protector guards are essential to fence building and maintenance. The two-piece design allows for flexible fitting, as well as 365/360° protection from not only weed trimmer damage, but pests and rodents too. The 22-gauge, U.S. galvanized steel ensures that it will withstand the tests of time and protect your fence post, as well as your weed trimmer equipment, as it will not bend or break the weed trimmer string. By preventing the fence post from getting damaged, you are not only saving yourself money that you can put towards other projects, but you are taking back time that can be better spent with family and friends. Don’t spend extra time worrying about protecting bottom of fence posts, with the Fence Armor® Post Shields you can take the worry out of routine fence maintenance.

The Different Uses of the Fence Armor® Fence Protector Guards

The Fence Armor® post shields have a wide range of uses, some of which you may not know or have even thought of. As you walk around your neighbourhood or city parks, or even cemeteries you may now come to notice the damage on the fence post in each location. That is because fence post damage does not discriminate. The Fence Armor® fence protector guards will always be trusted & true to protecting bottom of fence. Fence Armor® post shields don’t only protect new or existing fence post, but they can also repair vinyl fences. It falls under the fence supplies you didn’t know you needed. Vinyl fence post that haven’t been protected will start to crack and split and in worst case scenarios, leave behind gaping holes. Not only can the Fence Armor® fence protector guards prevent further damage from weed trimmer damage or the sun, but they can make the posts beautiful again. We always recommend putting a post inside the damaged vinyl to keep it sturdy, but by stacking the Fence Armor® post guards, you can bring that post back to beauty in a matter of minutes. The Fence Armor® fence protector guards are easily one of the most convenient and versatile fence supplies to have. Prevent, protect and prolong your posts today.

The Fence Armor® Post Shields Prevents Pressure-Washing Damage

There is no better feeling than a freshly cleaned home, and the same goes for your exterior. In many of those ‘most satisfying’ videos you see pressure washing and that is because it adds to a beautiful curb appeal, brings life back to your outdoor space and makes you feel accomplished! All good things right? Unfortunately, while pressure-washing, you can easily damage the vinyl corner beads of your home. Did you know that Fence Armor® Post Protection Guards are not just for protecting bottom of fence, but can also be used to protect the vinyl corner beads of the home? The Fence Armor® Demi Post Protection is perfect and is one of the fence supplies you need for the job, as it is meant for corner post protection. Make pressure-washing fun and worry free again!

Fence Armor® Post Protection Guards - The Aesthetic You Are Missing

As we have stated above, the Fence Armor® post shields work wonders at protecting bottom of fence, but they are also perfect for adding beauty and covering unsightly hardware on posts - specifically deck posts. Add these post guards to your fence supplies and you won’t regret it. Whether it is the deck anchor hardware or unsightly scratches on your posts, the Fence Armor® post protection guards are the perfect beautification solution, and even better? They install in seconds! They are the trusted product for protecting bottom of fence or deck posts. Have you ever come across damage on your deck stairs where the ground meets the stair stringer? This is another perfect application for Fence Armor® Demi Post Protection. By stacking them you can easily avoid future damage from the weed whacker.

Prevent, Protect, Prolong with Fence Armor®

The Fence Armor® post shields is the post protection you can trust. Don’t waste your precious time and energy worrying about damage that can be avoided. Put your faith in us and start protecting your posts today! If you are looking for the complete post protection line-up, check out the Postsaver® sleeves, alongside the Fence Armor® Universal Post Caps and Decorative Finials. Last but not least, seal the deal with the Stain & Seal Experts wood stain.

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