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Decorative Accent Finials

Top Up on Style with Fence Armor® Decorative Accent Finials

Fence Armor® elevates protection with new, Universal Decorative Finials. Design meets function with our integrated decorative fence post toppers at the top of our Fence Armor® Fence Post Caps. Transform property curb appeal with the addition of Fence Armor® Decorative Finials effectively, when you add this finishing touch to any protective post cap. Fence Armor® Decorative Finials enhance the look of fences, pergolas, porches, or deck post caps beautifully. Each of these universal decorative fence post toppers works with other manufactured post caps, too. All our Fence Armor® Decorative Finials come with a removable 1/4˝-20 nut that affixes on the underside of other manufactured fence post caps, ensuring a secure attachment of the Fence Armor® finials.

Choose from a variety of Fence Armor® metal fence finials. Each of these finials is molded using 100% American zinc or Aluminum and made entirely in North America. Plus, all Fence Armor® metal fence finials and fence post toppers are finished with the Fence Armor® premium, powder-coat textured finish, for a truly beautiful, wrought iron aesthetic.

Along with the Fleurs de Lis, and Ball-Top Quad, Fence Armor® Decorative Finials are also available in sophisticated new, designs such as the Trident, Hops, and the Texas Star Lasso. Looking for finials that have something more unique? Try the Fence Armor® Acorn-Flag metal fence finials. Our Acorn-Flag metal fence finials are designed to hold miniature flag poles, as a customizable feature, to help celebrate your backyard family barbecue in style. No matter what design you choose, we guarantee you’ll love your fence, porch or deck again with Fence Armor® Decorative Finials and fence post toppers.

Decorative Finials Install Quickly and Easily on Fence Armor® Post Caps

Before installing the Fence Armor® Fence Post Caps, unfasten the screw at the top of the Fence Armor® post cap, and simply replace the screw with any of the Fence Armor® decorative fence post toppers that match your unique style. Then simply push the Fence Armor® Fence Post Cap with decorative fence post toppers down, over the post-end-grain you wish to protect, and you’re done. It’s that easy!

The best part? If you are ever feeling like you need a change, the Fence Armor® decorative fence post toppers offer the quickest and easiest removal and replacement. It will take you no time at all. Switch between the Fleurs de Lis, Ball-Top Quad, Trident, Hops, the Texas Star Lasso and last but not least, the Acorn-Flag metal finials.

Installing Fence Armor® Decorative Finials on other manufactured post caps

All Fence Armor® Decorative Finials work great with any other manufacturers’ existing fence post caps by drilling a ¼ ̋ hole on the cap's center and affixing the Fence Armor® decorative fence post toppers with the 1/4˝-20 nut provided. Elevate the look of your new or existing metal, wood, or even vinyl post caps with Fence Armor® Decorative Finials.

Elevate Your Curb Appeal with Fence Armor® Decorative Finials

The Fence Armor® decorative fence post toppers work flawlessly with the Fence Armor® Fence Post Caps. The fence finials are meant to tell a story, whether that be the Ball-Top Quad, the Texas Star Lasso or the other four options of the fence finials. Not only do they have a simple and easy install, the fence post toppers are also easily changed and switched. If you are moving and want to take your Fence Armor® post caps and decorative fence post toppers with you, the quick screw removal allows you to add beautiful curb appeal to your new home.

When we were creating the Fence Armor® Decorative Finials we had many things that we wanted to accomplish. Of course, the highest priority was to supply products that would create beautiful curb appeal, but it was also incredibly important to us to create something that will last. As we stated before, each of the fence finials are created using 100% American Zinc or Aluminum and are made entirely in North America. The fence post toppers are made to protect and beautify fences, pergolas, porches, or deck posts for many years to come. The premium, powder-coat textured finish ensures a picturesque look and feel that will have the neighborhood talking.

Protecting Your Fence Posts

To protect your posts, and invest in them lasting for years to come, consider our postsaver post-rot barriers and our post guards or post protectors By protecting the bottom of the post, where it is most vulnerable, as well as the post-end-grain above with the post caps and fence post toppers, you are not only ensuring a long life for your posts but you are taking back time for the things that matter - family, friends, and many adventures that could be missed out upon if that time was spent on fence maintenance. They work in tandem with the Fence Armor® Fence Post Caps and Fence Armor® Decorative Finials. Our focus is fence protection, above and below. Prevent, protect, prolong the life and beauty of your posts, today.