About Fence Armor

Our company is all about providing products of superior quality and longevity, combined with exceptional customer service. Fence Armor was born out of necessity and has evolved from a simple, yet effective post protection guard to a complete post protection system that encompasses several harmonious products.

We know that specialty products start with quality materials and that is why we manufacture or source goods that promote a unique one-stop shopping experience for customers looking to extend the life and beauty of any new or existing post. As Engineering partners, we have more than 50 years of experience between us, helping to ensure every detail is taken into consideration. Part of our strategic development is our concern for the environment. Using locally sourced sustainable materials; like galvanized steel, in our manufacturing process is important for both the environment and the economy.

Fence Armor is a family run business in the sense that it employs fathers, mothers, sons and daughters who collectively work together, and or success is measured by our customer’s satisfaction. We stand behind our products, one post at a time, every time!

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Lawn Equipment Damage

The innovative strength of Fence Armor®
Create outdoor spaces that last.

The #1 Choice is Steel

Abundant, strong and flexible, steel accommodates every post material and size. This makes steel the best defence for any post.

Hard Core Protection

Starts with 100% American galvanized steel. It’s then dipped in zinc, followed by a durable, powder-coat finish.

Engineered Structure

The patented corner radius is designed to increase structural integrity, while reducing wear and tear on grass trimmer lines.

365/360° Protection

Fence Armor’s two-piece design offers additional side-slots to accommodate post expansion and contraction during seasonal weather.


Quality, Reliability, Practicality and Ease-of-Use


The Fence Armor® Post Protector is Richard Petty Approved

Former American NASCAR driver, Richard Lee Petty, winner of 200 races, uses the Fence Armor® Post Protector on his properties.

Garden Products Review: Fence Armor® Post Protector 4x4

The Fence Armor® 4x4 metal post sleeve received the 5-Star, Golden Shovel Garden Products Recommended Review. “If you have fence or mailbox posts, Fence Armor® will keep it looking nice longer. And it will extend the life of your posts.”

Trust the Strength of Steel

Year after year, the strength of the Fence Armor® steel post protector prevents, protects and prolongs the life, and beauty of metal, vinyl and wood posts. High-quality, North American steel, combined with an engineered design for durability, flexibility, and ease-of-use. The additional wear-resistant, powder-coat finish creates a premium-level post protector that beautifully enhances the look of all your outdoor structures, for years to come.


Our patented corner radii are designed to increase the structural integrity of our post protector while reducing wear and tear on weedwacker trimmer lines.

Hard Core Quality

Every steel Fence Armor® Post Protector is dipped in galvanized zinc, offering an added layer of 360° Hard Core Protection.


Earth-friendly steel is infinitely recyclable and reusable. Never losing its strength, a steel post protector can accommodate every post material, and size for years. Making it the best defence to maintain every environment we share.


Each Fence Armor® Post Protector comes with our 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Guaranteed, it’s the next level of protection you want and need, from the damaging effects of weedwacker trimming. Plus, Fence Armor® guarantees you’ll lower your lawn and fence maintenance time, and costs.

Protection for All the Right Reasons

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Top-Rated Post Protector Products

What the Pros think of Fence Armor® Post Protector products.

What the Pros Think of Fence Armor® Post Protector Products

"We think it's a great product, and we'll definitely recommend it on further projects down the line."

Rocky, Indy's Finest Fence

"When we build things, we build it once, and once only. This product adds to that philosophy."

Andy, Yorkshire Fence & Deck

"I've been ...in the grass-cutting industry for over 20 years now, and I've ruined my fair share of posts for fences. This stuff is just unstoppable."

Justin, Davis Fences