Titan Aluminum Balusters - Fence Armor
Titan Aluminum Balusters - Fence Armor
Titan Aluminum Balusters - Fence Armor
Titan Aluminum Balusters - Fence Armor
Titan Aluminum Balusters - Fence Armor
Titan Aluminum Balusters - Fence Armor

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Titan Aluminum Balusters

Like nothing else you've ever seen!  In-fill railing sections using Snap 'n Lock™ Baluster Kits sustained over 4X the code design load!

They're molded to higher tolerances than a Ferrari engine for precision friction fit locking and made with 100% USA polycarbonate. They're bulletproof, handle extreme temperatures and are UV protected.  Who says we can't make the best products right here at home!

Snap 'n Lock™ Baluster Kits come with everything you need to build a rail faster and easier than common plug systems.

(10) Round balusters
(20) Snap 'n Lock™ round baluster connectors
(20) Screws
Covers 4' of railing

  • Faster and easier than any plug style system.
  • Simple, carefree maintenance.
  • Easily retrofit old 2x2 wood railings without dismantling the existing railing.
  • Elegant architectural style and design.

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Have a question about our products? Need a special size, or color? We are here to help.

Chat with us online, or give us a call.
We’re happy to help you.

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Safety is a Breeze With The Titan Aluminum Balusters

The Origin of Balusters

Let’s first start off with what exactly is a deck baluster? They are small, vertical posts that fit between the guardrail and stair railing, designed to protect and prevent people, specifically small children from falling through the space under the stair railing. But did you know that the term “Baluster” is really a shape that has become a part of home design? Even more interesting, the handrail, footrail and balusters are all considered components of the “Balustrade” according to The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). There is a little history on how balusters came to be.

Why Do You Need the Snap ’n Lock™ Baluster Kit?

Having a safe, beautiful and family-friendly outdoor space is important and we are here to tell you how the Snap ’n Lock™ Baluster Kit can do just that. One of the biggest features in your backyard is your deck and for families it is important to keep young children out of harm’s way. With the deck baluster installed you can be sure that your little one’s are safe around the stair railing.

Do you know why the deck baluster are required to be 4 inches apart or less? The rule came to be because it was determined that a 4-inch space was the size of a baby’s head. Interesting isn’t it? This is very important to remember, as exterior deck railings and stairways fall under the category of critical health and safety matters.(1) Codes do vary from state to state and municipality to municipality but the Uniform Building Code states that balusters cannot be any more than 4 inches apart on the stair railing.(2) The great thing about the Snap ’n Lock™ Baluster Kits is that in the chance that an animal or something else were to get caught in the baluster, with a quick lift from a screwdriver, you are able to easily remove it and re-install.

The Added Benefits of the Snap ’n Lock™ Baluster Kits

Let’s talk about the other benefits of adding a Snap ’n Lock™ Baluster Kit to your stair railing. One of the great things about it is, it’s a perfect DIY project for the spring and summer for your deck baluster. You can get outside, enjoy the sunshine and spend time with the family, all the while installing the deck baluster. Not to mention the added benefit of the overall look and aesthetic of your deck. The additional appeal of these particular baluster kits is that they are a simple and easy swap out if something ever happens to one. So not only is the Snap ’n Lock™ Baluster Kit an easy to way to add an extra measure of safety, but they look great and are functional too.

The Many Options of Stair Railings and Balusters

There are many different styles of stair railing to choose from, so let’s go through them. The style options for deck baluster include all metal railings, rod iron, closed deck railings, lattice and more. The Snap ’n Lock™ Baluster Kit provides you with everything you need and makes installation a breeze. You can trust the deck baluster from Snap ’n Lock™ Baluster Kit as they are made with 100% USA polycarbonate and have a tolerance that is unmatched.

Don’t Settle, Have a Curb Appeal That is the Talk of the Neighbourhood

With the Snap ’n Lock™ Baluster Kit you are met with fantastic quality and a beautiful look. What makes the deck baluster even better is how perfectly they are able pair with the Fence Armor® Universal Post Caps. The premium powder-coated finish works flawlessly with the balusters, and both are ready to withstand the tests of time. You can take your property curb appeal to the next level, by adding the final touches, that being the Fence Armor® Decorative Finials and Post Protection Guards. You’ll have protection top to bottom that you can trust. Prevent, protect, and prolong your fence and deck posts today.

Top-Rated Post Protector Products

What the Pros think of Fence Armor® Post Protector products.

What the Pros Think of Fence Armor® Post Protector Products

"We think it's a great product, and we'll definitely recommend it on further projects on down the line."

Rocky, Indy's Finest Fence

"When we build things, we build it once, and once only. This product adds to that philosophy."

Andy, Yorkshire Fence & Deck

"I've been ...in the grass-cutting industry for over 20 years now, and I've ruined my fair share of posts for fences. This stuff is just unstoppable."

Justin, Davis Fences