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Postsaver Sleeves - 5 Yard Roll (Wrap & Tack)

Rot Block Post Saver Wood Post Protective Sleeve

Ground-line rot, decay, fungi, and moisture are the number one contributor to wood post failures and are found within the first 6˝ to 8” of earth surrounding in-ground posts. Post saver fence post protector sleeves provide a locked-in air & moisture barrier and rot block protection for new wooden posts before installation. All Postsaver® sleeves are 14" long.

A Postsaver® post guard is a heat-shrinkable post-saver sleeves with a thermoplastic bituminous interior liner. Effectively, the post sleeves create a water and air-tight seal when applied to new posts at the vulnerable ground-line level, making ground-line decay impossible. Unlike liquid coatings, the Postsaver® wood post protective post-saver sleeves maintain its impenetrable post guard barrier, even as the wood post-ages, cracks, or splits. The Postsaver® post guard sleeves or post wraps design comprises a dual-layer of protection; a non-toxic plastic outer layer and an interior bituminous layer. Each layer of the post wraps offer a superior level of protection for the life of the post.

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Have a question about our products? Need a special size, or color? We are here to help.

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The Benefits of Postsaver® Wrap & Tack

Postsaver® Sleeves - The Rot Prevention You Need

Post protection starts below ground, specifically 6˝ to 8”. As stated above, rot occurs primarily 6˝ to 8” below ground, where air, moisture and water thrive. If you have ever pulled a wood post out of the ground, you will notice that is specifically where the rot occurs, and the bottom of the post is still intact. The Postsaver® sleeves are designed to protect that area and takes away the ability for rot to occur and the fungi to be able to attack the post.

The Versatility of the Postsaver® Sleeves

The Postsaver® sleeves are available in a few different options. As shown above, you can get the post wraps in a 5-yard roll which is perfect for multiple jobs and ease of use. You can also purchase single post-saver sleeves or a 10 pack. It is meant to be as simple and easy a process as the installation is.

Postsaver® Wrap & Tack - What Is It?

An application of the Postsaver® sleeves that we think is important to share is the Wrap & Tack installation on sleepers. As you know, sleepers are used in framing to provide support and to allow air and moisture to move through. The posts will be below ground, so you know what that means? It will need to be protected, specifically with post sleeves. This requires a different installation from the average Postsaver® sleeve application. The 5-yard roll allows you to do the Wrap & Tack, which is exactly what is needed for the sleepers. The tools needed for this project are: the Postsaver® sleeves, a stapler, a knife, the roller and blowtorch. The installation itself is very simple, you will need to unroll the post wraps and staple it along the sleeper. Next is to apply the post-saver sleeves to any surface that is in contact with the ground. It is best to trim the excess off the post sleeves as you go, as it keeps it clean and more aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, as with all Postsaver® sleeves, you need to heat shrink the post sleeves into place and take the roller to set the seal. Rinse and repeat and make sure to always remove the excess off the post-saver sleeves. It sounds more complicated than it is and the effort is worth it, as it will keep your retaining wall, deck or other projects protected from rot for 20+ years.

Trust in the Postsaver® Sleeves

Post rot is insidious and will happen if the post is not protected. The Postsaver® post sleeves make taking preventative measures easy and simple. Apply the post wraps to the post before they are installed and have 20 years guaranteed. Trust in your investment, trust in your fence. For added protection and a great curb appeal, add Fence Armor® Post Protection Guards.

Top-Rated Post Protector Products

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What the Pros Think of Fence Armor® Post Protector Products

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