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At Fence Armor®, we recognize that each project holds its own uniqueness, making it somewhat tricky to determine the right amount of stain and cleaner essential for your fence or deck endeavor. Our calculator, while tailored for the EXPERT™ stain brand, is versatile enough to apply to almost any other stain brand in the market.

Using our Stain Calculator, you can easily pinpoint your wood species, assess its condition, and consider the setting. This tool then assists you in visualizing how the selected color will appear on your specific wood type. Do note that the color results are based on smooth-cut lumber; if your wood is rough-cut, the color will appear deeper and more pronounced.

We also provide you with the opportunity to include Fence Armor guards to shield your fence against potential damage from lawn equipment near your posts. Additionally, for an added touch of elegance, you can opt for our premium American-made CapClaw post caps.

On the deck aspect of our calculator, we offer the chance to upgrade your existing old wooden balusters to the Titan aluminum round or square balusters, effectively enhancing the aesthetic of your deck.

After you've settled on the ideal color, our calculator generates a customized list of products required for your project. These items are conveniently available for direct purchase through our website..

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