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Post Base Cover Postsaver® Rot Barrier

The Post Wrap Postsaver® Sleeves You Can Count On

When it comes to post protection, our post wrap sleeves, or Postsaver® Rot Barrier Sleeves are tried and true post protection. The Postsaver® post base cover are a heat-shrinkable sleeve that has a bituminous interior liner. By applying these 4x4 sleeve (with a wide array of size options) to each post before they go into the ground, you are allowing a water and air-tight seal to occur, which ultimately makes ground-line decay impossible.

Are They More Than Just Patio Post Covers?

The Postsaver® post wrap sleeves not only offer a worthy level of protection but they are also made to fit a wide range of post sizes. We have our 4x4 sleeve, 6x6 post sleeve and more. You can count on protection from 3.00˝ x 3.00˝ up to 8.00˝ x 8.00˝. There is no question of these sleeves integrity and it is backed by years of testing. The Postsaver® Rot Barrier Sleeves have a guarantee of 20 year protection for Pressure Treated posts and they double the life of Non-Treated posts.

Finding the correct post base covers for you and easily is something we have focused on. Whether it be small projects, where you only require single Postsaver® post wrap sleeves, or if you need the 10 pack option for bigger projects. Last but not least, we do have a 5 Yard Roll option for Wrap & Tack opportunities, as well as larger projects. All these options offer protection for 4x4 sleeve, 6x6 post sleeve and more.

What Tools Are Required To Apply Postsaver® Post Base Cover

In regards to the tools to apply the Postsaver® Rot Barrier Sleeves, there are a wide range of options, much like the sizes of the patio post covers. In consideration of your time and efforts, here at Fence Armor® we wanted to provide you with quality torch options, which include the Postsaver® Trade Torch, that is ideal for homeowners or professionals. Its lightness makes for fast application. There is also the SIEVERT Professional Heavy-Duty Torch, ideal for professionals, light-weight and speedy as well. Both are solid and trusted options, it just depends on what you need.

How to Prevent Fence Post Rot

As with any of the products we offer, we are here to support, whether that be in the installation of the 6x6 post sleeve themselves, or the tools for installation. That also includes the repair kit, making sure you can get back to the work in no time. We take great pride in the support we offer, alongside a quality and trusted post wrap for your posts.

Trust in Postsaver® Rot Barrier Sleeves

When it comes to your fence and your home, you don’t want to settle. By using the Postsaver® patio post covers or sleeves, you are ensuring the safety and protection of your posts from ground-line rot for the next 20 years. Ground-line rot, termite infestation and more insects are insidious, you don’t see it until it is too late. By applying the 4x4 sleeve or 6x6 post sleeve you are ensuring your posts, whether that be your fence, deck, pavilion or patio, are safe.

The wonderful thing is the Postsaver® patio post covers are something you can do as DIY project, or you can ask your fence contractors to install.

If you are looking for even more post protection, alongside the post base cover, look no further. Here at Fence Armor®, to work flawlessly with the patio post covers, there are the Fence Armor® Fence Post Protection Guards, which also offer a wide range of sizes, very much like the 4x4 sleeves and 6x6 post sleeves. There are also the added products, Stain & Seal Experts Wood Stain and the Fence Armor® Universal Post Caps, accompanied by the Fence Armor® Decorative Finials.

All of these products work together from ground up to give you incredible post protection.