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Titan Wood Post Anchor Kit and Titan Metal Post Skirts

Why We Chose Titan Building Products?

Titan Building Products is a company of integrity and quality. Their product line of decking accessories, including post skirt, is second to none. The Titan wood post anchor kit is just what you need when building a stair railing system. When you fit one the next addition is a post skirt to finish the work.

When looking for a product to make the deck that much more special, you will not go wrong with the Titan decking accessories range.

At Fence Armor® we love working with companies like Titan. Like us, they come from humble beginnings and always put quality and the customer first. Titan metal post skirts are a big seller, as are all of their decking accessories. The Titan Wood Post Anchor kit was their first product, becoming an immediate bestseller among the building and DIY communities.

When a product sells itself, you know you are onto a winner. At Fence Armor® we believe in offering only the best, proven products to our customers. The Titan range comes from a company that only believes in quality, and their products perfectly complement our range.

The Titan Wood Post Anchor Kit

They say the Titan wood post anchor kit is the most popular on the North American market. When you see it in action, it is hard to argue with this fact. Easy to use, looks great, and is guaranteed to last and last, this is a product you can trust. Made from powder-coated North American steel, the Titan wood post anchor kit will not rust or deteriorate.

Take a look at the deck or porch stair railing that does not have a post skirt. Where the posts meet the deck, you will often see discoloration and even rot setting in to the wood. On older decks, you may see fungi and mildew growth at the foot of the post.

If you live in an area of high snow or rainfall, you will get plenty of moisture damage around an unprotected post or stair railing. You can stain or seal the post with one of our Stain & Seal Experts products, but you need to lift the base off of the ground or deck too.

The Titan wood post anchor kit takes care of the problems of post damage. It lifts the railing post off the deck surface and keeps it high and dry. The kit also removes the problem of notching and gives your deck a smooth finish.

A big plus of the Titan wood post anchor kit is that it works on all surfaces. Be it wood, concrete, composites, or any hard surface, you will always get an even, smooth and safe fit with the any product from the Titan decking accessories range.

The anchor decking accessories kit includes a complete set of screws and is a one-person installation project. You should be able to get the installation work done over a weekend. Once you have the anchor kit in place and feel and see how well the deck looks, you should add a post skirt to finish the work.

Titan Metal Post Skirts Are Perfect Decking Accessories

You should add the Titan metal post skirts when you have the Titan wood post anchor kit in place. It is the perfect finish to your deck, porch, or stair railing system and makes for a seamless finish to the project. A post skirt protects the foot of any deck, porch or stair posts.

In areas of high snowfalls, you can get drifts all through the winter around the railing posts. Rain and ice do plenty of damage too. A metal post skirt can add another level of protection around your already installed wood post anchor.

The Titan metal post skirts is made from durable and galvanized American steel. It will not rust, is virtually maintenance-free, and adds vital extra years to the life of a wood post. Your deck, porch, or stair railings will look good for years, and the Titan metal post skirts adds curb value to the home.

If you are looking for a seamless look to your deck, porch, or stair railing, these Titan decking accessories are the perfect product. You fit them to vinyl or composite post sleeves such as Trex, Fiberon, and Deckorators CXT. The gray and brown are color-matched to the Azek synthetic decking material if you use it around the yard. A valued extra of the Titan metal post skirts is that you can add them before or after construction, so do not worry if your railing is that bit older.

Our Titan post skirt have inside dimensions of 3.5”, 4”, 4.25”, 4.5”, 4.62”, 5.62”, and 6”. The post skirts are easy to assemble, and you will have the railings looking perfect in only a couple of hours.

Why not complement the Titan metal post skirts with a finial from the Fence Armor® accessory range? Our decorative finials are not only for fencing, but they look great on the deck or even on the stair railings posts. A set of decorative finials can include the Fleur de Lis or the ever-popular Texas Star Lasso finial.  Easy to attach and designed to last, our decorative finials will add plenty of curb appeal to the home.