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Trust in the Fence Armor® Post Guards

The Beginning of Fence Armor® Post Guard

When Director, Al Martins replaced his fence due to irreparable damage, only to see his beautiful new cedar fence following the same path, he knew that something needed to change. He went on to search for a post cover that could protect his posts from weed trimmer damage. When he was unable to find such a Post Guard, he decided to use his background in engineering to create his own fence post protector. Alongside his business partner, Luis Ruivo, they created the Fence Armor® post protector 4x4, that protects and prolongs the life of not only 4x4 posts but a wide array of post sizes & styles.

Fence post base protectors are important and as the fencing industry keeps growing, it is critical to keep the existing and new fences protected from weed trimmer damage, animals & weather conditions. With the Fence Armor® fence post guard you are able to take the worry away from fence maintenance and be sure that your investment is being protected. It is beneficial to green industry professionals and home owners alike.

Fence Armor® Full Post Protection - Post Guard

The Fence Armor® Full Post Protector 4x4 can be known as our original Post Guard product. It is truly what started it all. Even more wonderful, is the domino effect of ideas that came from it. We knew we wanted a post cover that would protect against weed trimmer damage, but we also wanted the installation of post protector to be simple & easy, so that anyone could install post protector. With the two-piece design, the Fence Armor® fence post base protectors are able to accommodate neighbour-friendly fences, picket fences, privacy fences, mailbox posts, etc. One of the greatest features of the Fence Armor® post cover is the versatility it offers. As stated above, post protector provides protection for a variety of different fences, but you are able to choose if you’d like to protect one side of the post or both. Fence Armor® Full Protection offers sizes starting at 3.00˝ x 3.00˝ up to 8.00˝ x 8.00˝.

Fence Armor® Pro Series Post Protection - Post Guard

The Fence Armor® Pro Series Post Protector 4x4 offers a higher level of protection, standing at 6” tall. Just like the Fence Armor® Full Post Protection, it protects against the damage caused by lawn equipment, pets and other animals. What makes the Fence Armor® Pro Series Post Guard different, besides being 6” tall is that it offers unique sizing and colors. But don’t worry, if another fence post protector works better for your application, we offer custom colors. Don’t fret, protect your mailbox, fence, deck or pergola posts with Fence Armor® Pro Series fence post base guards. With a size offering starting at 3.00˝ x 3.00˝ up to 8.00˝ x 8.00.

Fence Armor® Demi Post Protection

We love to chat about our Fence Armor® Demi Post Protection post cover as they are one of our more unique post protection options. This fence post protector is designed to be able to fit those trickier corner posts, like exposed picket fence boards. It can also be used to repair and protect areas like vinyl corner beads. As with all of our fence post base guards, it takes seconds to install and adds beauty to your curb appeal instantly. The Fence Armor® Demi Post Protector 4x4 offers sizes 3.50˝ x 0.50˝ up to 7.50˝ x 0.50˝.

Fence Armor® Round Post Protection

Very much like our Fence Armor® Demi Post Protection, we were very excited to add the Fence Armor® Round Post Protection post cover to the post protection line-up. As with all things, there are many dangers that can damage wood posts, including horse cribbing. That is where the round fence post protector guards come into play. Not only do they offer a flexible protection, but wood fence post guard protect from weed trimmer damage, while also discouraging and preventing horse cribbing. This post guard is one we feel extremely good about, because it keeps you happy and the horses, cattle and other farm animals happy and safe. The Fence Armor® fence base post protectors can be placed not only on rural fences, but also on driveways, roadsides, etc. We have seen many people come up with creative ways to use Fence Armor®, so feel free to experiment. Like the others in the post protection line-up, it protects post sizes from 3.00˝ to 7.00˝ and larger.

Fence Armor® Ornamental Post Protection

The Fence Armor® Ornamental Post Protection post guard is the only one of its kind - a click-lock application. This postsaver cover is even easier to install than the others in the post protection line-up, which we know is hard to believe! The Fence Armor® Ornamental fence post protector does not require fasteners, making it a joy to protect metal fences. It is available in 2.00˝ x 2.00˝ up to 3.00˝ x 3.00˝.

Fence Armor® Ornamental Demi Post Protection

This is an exciting new addition, the Fence Armor® Ornamental Demi Post Guard is designed to protect metal, aluminum or wrought iron posts with low bottom rail heights. Not only can you trust it to protect against lawn equipment, but it adds fantastic curb appeal to any property. It is available to you in a 2.00˝ x .25˝ size.

Trust in Fence Armor®

We are very lucky and proud to be able to offer you these post protector 4x4 post guards for all different sizes and styles of fences. With every story shared, or testimonial left for our fence post guard products, it drives us to continue to grow and enhance our products for protection you can trust, showcase and share. Thank you for believing in the Fence Armor® Post Protection Guards. Prevent, Protect, Prolong today.