Indy's Finest Fence - Fence Armor Review

Hey guys, I'm Rocky with Indy's Finest Fence, we are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are at the I.C.E. which is the Indianapolis Car Exchange we got a pretty good size project here on the north side of Indy and we are using Fence Armor on all of our new installations and the existing installations. How we came in touch with the product was the customer here, we already sold the fence itself so the customer comes to us and asks "How can we protect our investment on this project?” but also they already had a mile of existing PVC fence here. We'll take some pictures and show some video of some of the existing posts that are already here that is 8 years old and half of the posts are already gone from weed wackers. He has a company come in and I am sure they do the best job that they can but over time no matter what the weed wacker is going to go through, so I thought about the product that I had seen in the World Fence News, which was Fence Armor which can save his existing product and help his investment on this project. So that is what we are here doing. It is a 48 inch, 3 Rail PVC, going all the way around all of his car lots, these auctions always do here. We got 3 miles of fence to install plus some existing to rework. We are going to do the Fence Armor on the existing fence and some on the new installation also. So what I am doing is we are using the Fence Armor white around the 5x5 PVC post. We are going to raise it up to where it is half way up on the grass around it so that the trimmer interacts with the center and gives you plenty more effective area. We are going to screw it in we are using 1/4 inch bits, and they go in fairly seamlessly. Each one is fairly simple. Probably less than 2 minutes to do an entire post, all 4 screws all the way around. This is our first time using this product and we think this is a great product. and we will definitely recommend it on further projects on down the line, and we are going to take a sample with us and try to push it. There really isn't a whole lot to push, the product pretty much pushes itself. For customers it basically helps protect their investment for the long run. It's all there. It sells itself. Absolutely it is a new product so it shouldn’t be any problem. I think every fence company should push it, not necessarily for themselves, its great you can make a little money on it but two for the customer itself. We spend the time and effort to install a quality product, but in 5 years down the line when the weed eaters come through it and have the post fall apart, really what have we done if we have not protected the customer's investment and try to help them out. It's simple for the guys, maybe another hour on the job, the guys could install on every post on a 300 foot job. So labor wise it's all there, you are just helping the customer out by pushing the product. Whether it is wood, whether it is vinyl, whether it is ornamental steel, chain-link, all across the board. Absolutely. It's the best.