Planting trees. Together.

Proud Partnership. One Goal.

We’re creating sustainable, positive changes – together. Fence Armor has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees throughout North America.

Reforestation benefits everyone.

Fence Armor is committed to both planting and protecting trees. Each year millions of existing wood posts protected by Fence Armor Post Guards and Post Caps help saplings, and young trees grow to maturity. Mature trees contribute to our most valuable natural resources – These trees produce the clean air we breathe and filter the water we drink. They impact our planet’s biodiversity, as well as the climate. Trees also contribute to our health and livelihood.

One Mature Tree – Does so much good throughout the year.


CO2 is Absorbed


H2O is Filtered


Oxygen is Produced

Prevent. Protect. Prolong. Sustainably.

Our commitment to sustainability is our primary goal.By prolonging the life of every fence, we prevent them from ending up in landfills too soon. Our Post Guard and Post Cap designs use steel – the strongest, most durable, and most sustainable material for fence post protection. Unlike plastic, steel can last forever. It’s infinitely recyclable, and the non-renewable resources used to manufacture steel, such as minerals and fossil fuels, are never wasted.