Justin Smith's (Davis Fences) Testimonial | Fence Armor

Hey it's Mike here again I'm still at Home Depot and I'm here with one of our great contractors Davis Fences just to share a little bit and Justin how have you enjoyed the product, has it made a difference in landscaping and installation. Well with our customers it has given us another great option and to give them to protect the length of their fence up that they're paying a lot of money for and it's just been an absolute great product. I've been trimming in the grass cutting industry for over 20 years now and I ruined my fair share of posts for fences and this stuff and it's just unstoppable I just breaks the line not even a scratch on the stuff and you're post. Absolutely so your customers really see the value. Oh yeah. In having the product. Because nobody wants to come back and replace the a single post that's been ruined way ahead of its lifetime. Okay well thank you very much Justin for sharing today. Again Davis Fence and we're here Fence Armor.