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The Fasteners You Can Trust

Here at Fence Armor®, trust and reliability is important to us in everything we do, right down to the fasteners we provide. Alongside our quality fence post protection guards, we made sure to source premium-quality, USA steel, self-drilling screws that are made in a standard galvanized mill finish. Not only did we focus on the quality of the fasteners, but we made it so the screws will perfectly match your fence post protection. The colors that are available for the post hardware for the Fence Armor® Post Guards are White, Clay, Almond, Redwood, Black, Brown, Galvanized Steel, Green, as well as the option for custom colors.

When it comes to enhancing your curb appeal, every little detail matters, including the post hardware. We strived to perfect and beautify Fence Armor® for fence supply and have put that same time and effort into our fasteners. By offering different options to perfectly match the fence post protection, we know you won’t be disappointed with the results. Be proud to showcase your home to your friends and family and be sure that both the post guards and the screws will be able handle the damage that comes their way for many, many years.

Every factor, right down to each screw and Fence Armor® Post Guard, is important to us. When it comes to fence supply, curb appeal, and post hardware, you can trust Fence Armor® and our quality fasteners. By using the Fence Armor® screws, you will have the ease of use with the Quadrex screw head, making installation even faster.

Spread The Word with Fence Armor®

So, you have put in the time to find a quality fence post protection to enhance your curb appeal and protect your post from current and future weed trimmer damage, what now? Proudly show of the dedication to keeping one of your biggest investments well taken care of by sporting the Fence Armor® Name Plate. As with our fence post protection guards, the design and quality of these name plates were well thought out. The name plate is made of thick American .036" Aluminum and has 4 holes for installation, in which we provide 4 powder-coated white matching screws. When it comes to fence supply and investing in quality products that are built to last for years to come, you can trust in Fence Armor®.

Represent Fence Armor® Wherever You Go

Fence Armor® is more than just fence post protection to us and we hope that, that is the same for you. When we look at what we can offer fence supply, we don’t just think about the product but the people behind it. Behind every exquisite home with beautiful curb appeal, is a family, a home. By sporting the Fence Armor® t-shirts, you are adding to our family.

As with all of our post hardware, the Fence Armor® t-shirts are American-made and have a detailed design that features the Fence Armor® logo front and centre, alongside the Post Cap feature on one sleeve and the Stain & Seal Experts and Postsaver® logo on the other.

Have an epic curb appeal and an awesome wardrobe!

Fence Armor® - More Than Just Post Protection

Fence Armor® may have started as a fence post protection brand but it has grown into something so much more than that. We strive to offer post hardware and products that work in tandem with fence supply to provide you with the outdoor space of your dreams. To give you back time for things that are more important than maintenance: family, friends, adventure.

Make your dreams come alive. Protect, prevent, prolong the life of your posts today.