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Titan Decking Products

Fence Armor® and Titan Decking Products

At Fencer Armor® we love to partner with quality manufacturers. Knowing that we are supplying products like Titan decking products, of a quality build to our clients is very important to us. So when the chance came to stock Titan decking products, we jumped at the opportunity.

Titan Decking is a bit like ourselves at Fence Armor®. They worked up from humble beginnings but got to where they are by sticking to quality and keeping the client in mind. Today their wonderful products make the work of adding to and improving your deck an easy one.

Titan decking products and accessories are practical, well-made, and simple to install. From balusters to metal post skirts to fence toppers, Titan decking products have you covered.

Snap’n Lock Fence Toppers™

Have you got a fence that just needs topping off to finish it properly? Maybe you have an old one that could do with a bit of dressing up? How about that side of the deck that gets a lot of cold wind on a fall evening?

At 10” tall, the fence toppers are elegant and a final touch to your already fine fence.

The Titan Snap’n Lock fence toppers™ will be an elegant addition to your fence or deck. An innovative sideways locking connector system makes attaching the fence toppers a doddle. You can retrofit an older fence without the need to take it apart, and the work is easily a one-person task.

Titan Shadow Rail Connector™

Connect the rails to the posts in a tidy, seamless manner that can only add to the beauty of your deck. The Titan shadow rail connector™ hides all the fasteners inside it, so you get the clean lines that appeal to the eye. Now when people look at the deck or stair railing, they see a truly elegant structure and do not get distracted by fasteners at every joint.

Each pack comes with two connectors for a 2x4 rail, including the screws for both ends. The connector is made of durable, polycarbonate which is UV resistant and does not suffer the effects of bad weather.

You will get a long life from each unit and you can stain or paint them too.

Titan Aluminum Balusters

You need to fill in those railing sections before you open the deck to the public. Children of all ages can slip through in the blink of an eye, which is not funny. The Titan aluminum balusters are elegant, simple to insert in the rails, and make your deck a very safe place.

The balusters are made of American polycarbonate to beyond the highest standards; these rails will not let you down. Believe it or not, they are bulletproof as well as being UV resistant and can handle high temperatures. When making a stair railing, these are the ideal product for the project.

Each pack comes with ten balusters and the corresponding number of connectors and screws.

Titan Wood Post Anchor Kits

The perfect anchor system for adding wood posts to your deck or for replacing any old and broken ones. Our wood post anchor kits allow you to build or repair on any surface. They work on concrete, wood composite, and any hard surface.

Thinking of adding stairs up the side of the deck? You will need a stair railing on either side. The wood post anchor kits make that work easy and, more importantly, very safe for all users. There is not a need for notching or any complicated carpentry. You measure and fit the anchors and move on to the next post.

The stair railing will serve you well for many years.

Titan Center Guide

Who doesn’t need a bit of help when trying to find the center on a length of lumber? All that drawing lines, marking angles, and calculating distances would make anyone dizzy. If you get one calculation wrong, it could ruin the whole project.

A Titan center guide will solve all these problems in very little time, and it could not be easier to use. You just place the center guide against one side of the post. When ready, put the hole saw against the vertical guides. Your saw blade will immediately mark the center of the post. Yes, it is that easy.

You can use this center guide on any standard nominal 4 x 4 lengths of lumber.

Titan metal post skirts

Metal post skirts that you can trust is one way of describing this Titan decking product. Made of durable metal which has been hot dipped and powder coated, the metal post skirt will not rust or stain. It comprises of a two-piece unit that covers both the post anchor and the fasteners.

Snow, rain, and ice can do a lot of damage around the foot of the deck or stair railing posts. These metal post skirts will protect the post from weather damage and even from guests' boots during the summer months. The finish is seamless, and your deck posts will look perfect.

You can install the metal post skirts before or after the deck construction. They come in various sizes and color choices, and like all Titan decking products, they are designed to last.