Fence Armor & Postsaver Testimonial - Yorkshire Fence & Deck

My name is Andy, owner of Yorkshire Fence & Deck. I started in England six years ago, had the opportunity to emigrate to Vancouver and here we are and I brought my expertise and trying to rewrite the wheel in BC with all our fencing. Yeah we do prefab cedar fencing, hand built and customized to most customers preferences. Composite, vinyl and soon to be aluminum. Basically at Christmas last year decided to try to tap in and find a product that protected the posts, customers were always asking can we do extra concrete we do extra this, so let's just kill that and get to the problem and that's where I found Al at Fence Armor and it's been great ever since. 99% of customers are going with it, it’s protecting from above ground and now below ground with the Postsaver and it's been it's been fantastic and customers are spreading and now I'm getting educated by them when I go to estimates. They're asking all these these post protectors these post protectors so the news is spreading. So Andy, what made you want to find a solution for them? I wanted to be different I want to be above everybody else and when we build things we do it once and once only. This product adds to that philosophy. So we're people complaining about problems with the bottoms of their post? Oh yeah yeah, constantly especially on shraddah’s like this, constantly chip-ins from you know weed whackers people who don't really care they just weed whack to town. Also rot that's one of the main issues in BC similar to England it's a rain forest it's all soft mush rain rain rain we got ants, carpenter ants are a big issue as well so this helps protect so it's a double double whammy. Perfect, and the wood, what type of wood do you use? We use mainly cedar western red cedar, old-growth and new growth and pressure-treated there there are three well the two two means for what we do I mean this is new growth cedar so this is anything up to sixty years old it's more of a yellow shade than a western that's the old growth and we can show you that on the other sides. Beautiful so then when you're quoting Fence Armor now what type of customer are you looking for? To be honest there's no target everybody's accepting it from the entry level who just wants to fix it and sell all the way to the top. So does it differentiate you from the other guys? Yes because nobody is even interested in installing extras they just want to turn up do the fence, walk away. What would you say is the biggest problem in fencing in BC? No post protection. Wow. No post protection, there’s wood fences everywhere no post protection, fences only falls over when the post give and that's the issue. That’s the issue. So you use it, the double, you try to sell both the Fence Armor and the Postsaver. Yeah we do we aim to do both because we're protecting above and below. Below I cannot control so I'd rather just protect it and it's done and above ground we see it and it's good. We personally prefer the 6-inch Pro Series because we've got extra on top. So you put half in two inches in the ground? Yeah we go four inches above because the rules are different for out here we have different grounds so we go four inches above two inches in the concrete and we put a nice chamfered bevel then everything underneath is protected.