Wood, vinyl and metal, in square, rectangular and round shapes.

Custom sizes as well as the following standard sizes are available:

3.5˝ x 3.5˝, 4˝ x 4˝, 4.5 ˝x 4.5˝, 5˝ x 5˝, 5.5˝ x 5.5˝, 6˝ x 6˝, 7.5˝ x 7.5˝

Easily adjust Full Protection, Mailbox and Pro Series to fit rectangular posts.

Yes. Standard 4˝x4˝ or 6˝x6˝ wood posts are an approximate measurement, while vinyl post measurements are true to their sizing.

Pro Series, Mailbox and Full Protection all fit rectangular posts. The two-piece design overlaps at the sides, sliding together to fit either 2x4 or 4x6 rectangular posts.

Yes. Position two pieces of Demi Protection at a 90 degree angle to protect the corners. 

Full Protection is ideal for fences with bottom rail heights measuring 3.25˝ and higher.

Demi Protection is best for fences with bottom rail heights of 3.25˝ and lower.
Also ideal for protecting corner posts.

Yes. Choose from Black, White, Almond, Clay, Redwood and Mill finished screw heads for a coordinated look.

Screws are included with purchase.

Fence Armor #8-18 Pan Head 3/4” Color Matching Self Drill - Quadrex JS1000 screws.

Yes. We recommend post protectors be placed at 1˝ to 1.5˝ above ground level, to be at the centre of where the trimmer line makes contact with the post.


All our post protectors and screws are made in North America.

All post protectors and screws are made from US galvanized steel.

Yes. Steel is a highly sustainable resource that helps protect all types of fences from ending up in landfills prematurely. Plus, 16 wood posts protected with Fence Armor can save one tree.

1. Protects new and existing fences.

2. Protects a variety of fencing materials, as well as a variety of shapes and sizes.

3. Cuts down on lawn maintenance time

4. Steel is a sustainable, reliable and highly durable material.

5. A two-piece design provides a custom fit

6. Engineered corner radii protect against grass trimmer damage, while also protecting the trimmer line filament.

7. Easy to install and remove.

8. Mix and match colours easily. You choose one colour for your side, and your neighbour can choose different colour for their side.

Starting with solid, US galvanized steel, it's washed, cleaned and prepared to receive the durable flex-rated powder-coat finish.

This finish is a thermoset polymer which creates a clean, hard finish that's tougher than conventional paint.

Total length measures 14˝. 
(12˝ below ground, 2˝ above)

Yes. Both heat gun and plumber's torch work well. To see how to install Postsaver sleeves head over to our Postsaver page: http://bit.ly/Postsaver

Yes. Postsaver and Fence Armor used together provide dual protection right where the damage starts.

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