The Five Things All Patio Designs Need

A good patio design is worth its weight in gold. How often do you see a patio that does not work? It may have the best patio furniture, but somehow, something isn’t right. No one feels comfortable on the patio, or maybe it always feels cold out there. There are a few things all patio designs need, and when you know what they are, then you can relax in style on your deck.

At Fence Armor® we love a good patio. What could be better than relaxing on summer’s evening, cold beer in hand, and watching the sun go down from your patio? The patio design is the essential ingredient here, and a good one will have everyone relaxing in double-quick time. Getting the best patio design may not be easy, but a few simple tips should help you in the planning.

Included on our list of things all good patio designs need is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Follow the sun for a warm time on the patio

At Fence Armor® we often hear of a patio that looks perfect, with the best furniture and plenty of room for the family. There is a problem: no one is ever warm on the patio. The homeowner built it where they had the most room, but on the dark side of the house, and it will always be cold.

Always build your chosen style of patio on the south or west-facing side of the home. When you get the positioning right, the patio will catch the sun from mid-morning until sunset in the evening. You and the family will want to be out there, and a warm patio is for enjoying all day long.

Best patio design

Plenty of room but not too much

A large patio is excellent for large family gatherings, when the kids want to run around and have fun while you keep an eye on them. If a patio is too big, it can feel empty and even a bit cold, even when the sun shines. Too big a space can be difficult to fill, even with a large family.

Your best patio design should be for all the family, giving them room to roam about and not get in each other’s way. At the same time, you don’t want to shout at Uncle Bob when his burger is ready, as he’s on the other side of the patio. Get the size right, and the patio will be ideal for entertaining.

Best patio design ideas

A patio design for all the family

Along with getting the size right, is making the patio a great place for the family. You want all the kids, friends, and grandparents to enjoy their time on the patio and for it to become a favorite family spot. There are also accessories to go with any patio design, and be sure to get some for the project.

One element of the best patio design for the family is room for the adults and kids to have fun, without getting in each other’s way. Kids need plenty of room to run about, with tables to stop at and eat their burgers. The adults can sit at their tables and chat while the kids have lots of fun.

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Privacy is also very important

Not everyone thinks of privacy when working on the best patio designs. You might get the layout right, the space, and capture of plenty of sunlight, but if a patio does not have privacy, you will not relax. Before building your patio, look to where the neighbors are and if they overlook the garden.

Sometimes it can be impossible to keep out of view of the neighbors. When this happens, you can plant some quick-growing trees and shrubs to hide your patio from the neighbors. A privacy fence is also a good idea, and there are many vinyl privacy fence designs to fill that gap in your yard.

Private patio design ideas

Match the style of your home and garden

You do not want your best patio design to differ much from the home and garden style. It is difficult to say why, but if the two do not match, the patio does not feel right. Simple changes like using the same paint colors on the house and patio will make a difference. Matching furniture helps too.

If you are building a new patio, try to use similar materials in both. Often a homeowner will match the wood in the kitchen floor with that of the patio, making it feel like a natural extension. When you open the doors to a matching patio, your family will walk seamlessly between the two spaces.

Best patio design

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At Fence Armor® we love a good patio design. We know how much time you can spend out there, so be sure to have the best patio design from day one. Ask our experts for advice when installing any new structures in the yard. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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