Dreaming of Backyard BBQs? Four Things You Can Do Now to Get a Deck Ready for Spring

Spring is nearly here, and the summer is not too far away. All those months of staying inside by the fire and watching TV are nearly over. Your next big job is to get the deck ready for spring. There is no point in doing maintenance when everyone else is enjoying their deck. No, the time for maintenance and adding wood protection is now, so let’s get the deck ready for the spring today.

At Fence Armor® we love a good deck. What could be better than a lazy afternoon sitting out reading a book or having fun with the family? Backyard BBQs are a great way to entertain family and friends on a long, hot summer day. We know there is nothing better than having a sundowner on the deck at the end of a hard day at work, so let’s get you started on getting the deck ready for the spring.

Included on our list of things you can do to get the deck ready for the spring is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Stain and seal to get the deck ready for the spring

The chances are that you have not been out on the deck since the last days of fall. The most you may have done is brush away any leaves or clear a heavy fall of snow. Your deck will have got a lot of use last summer, and you will need wood protection for all that activity to come this year.

A bare, unprotected deck is ripe for damage. By applying a good coating of a stain and seal product, you will be looking after the wood for years to come. We stock Stain & Seal Experts products to give the highest level of wood protection, and there is the right one for any deck and fence in our range.

Staining a deck

Clean the wood and repair any damage from the winter months

Every deck gets dirty from all the activities of the spring, summer, and fall months. Guests and family members will drop food and walk it into the wood. Who hasn’t spilled a glass of wine or beer when on the deck? The winter storms will expose any weak spots and even weaken the deck in places.

Get out the power washer and give the deck a good clean. By using one of our deck cleaning products, you will remove any stains or rotten food. Applying the wood restorer before the stain and seal product will get the deck ready for the spring. Repairing any damage will make a big difference.

Cleaning & reparing a deck

Make sure the deck posts are protected

Many people forget what goes on beneath. Yes, under the deck where the posts support the structure can get damp and be the perfect spot for rot to grow in the wood. Wildlife and family pets can also eat away at the posts, making your deck posts unstable and dangerous if left unattended.

Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves will protect the deck posts at the ground line level. The waterproof and air-tight sleeves are heat-sealed onto the wood and give wood protection against rot for life. Our Post Guards are made of stainless steel, and they protect against nibbling and trimmer damage.

Why not add some decorations to the deck?

No, it’s not time to prepare for Christmas yet. What you can do is brighten up the deck area and make it an even more attractive spot for the summer months. Fence post caps add style to the area, and decorative finials are always a talking point. A few plants in the right spots add plenty of color.

Do not forget the barbecue. What can be better than having dinner sizzling on the coals while friends and family are having fun? The deck is a great barbecue spot, and you can find just the right one for your home at a good hardware store. Always keep the barbecue in a sheltered, safe place.

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At Fence Armor® we know how great it is to have a welcoming deck for the coming months. You can get the deck ready for the spring, and it need not cost much money. Ask our experts for advice on your deck project. Call us today for all your wood protection needs.

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