Turning a Deck Into a Barbecue Oasis With Deck Improvement Ideas

A deck and a barbecue should always go together. What could be better than a summer evening with the steaks on and the deck full of friends and family? Often people build the barbecue spot away from the deck. The problem here is that the cook misses all the fun of the beers, chat, and joking around. Safety is a concern, but there will not be any worries if you construct a barbecue area properly. Deck improvements ideas should always make the deck a fun and safe place for the family.

At Fence Armor® we love a good deck and a barbecue. Watching the sun go down with a plate of food and a glass of whatever pleases is a pure summer treat. Design ideas for deck improvements are always a coffee-time topic this time of the year. We put the best ones together for a seasonal post.

Included on the list of deck improvements for a barbecue area are:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Fence off the barbecue area with tall plants

How often do you see a deck with the barbecue just pushed away into a corner? It looks like it is only taking up space and is almost in the way. When thinking of a few designs for deck improvement ideas, always include plenty of plants. The right plants will add lots of color and shelter to any deck.

Around the barbecue, you can build a little oasis using tall, evergreen plants. Use big planters for them to grow in and to fence off the area. When they reach a good height and thickness, they will make a natural space for the barbecue. Always keep the barbecue far enough away from the plants.

Deck improvement ideas

Build a small kitchen on the deck

If your deck space is big enough, then use it properly. There is nothing worse than a wide, open deck where no one feels comfortable. Building a small kitchen along one side of the deck can transform the area without taking away too much space. It can become a feature piece and a focal point.

Some people choose to build the kitchen area out of brick or stone, maybe adding a ranch or rustic vibe to the deck improvement idea. Plenty of shelving for preparing and serving barbecue food and storing the wood is a great idea. Do not forget the fridge for keeping the beers and wine cool.

Deck and barbecue - Small kitchen on the deck

Deck improvement ideas for a small space

You may think your deck is a bit too small for building a barbecue space. In fact, you can add a barbecue to any deck without compromising on style or space. Deck improvements for a small area can bring up many ideas. Before doing anything, take a step back and look at your options.

A portable barbecue can fit into a small corner. They come in various sizes, and you can wheel them in and out quickly. Even a table-top grill can be a deck improvement idea when space is a premium. Using fold-out tables and chairs add a romantic touch, and they are easily stored away when not needed.

Deck improvement ideas

The right furniture makes all the difference

Do not just buy any old outdoor furniture for your deck and barbecue plan. There is nothing worse on the deck than cheap, poorly designed furniture that is uncomfortable and unwelcoming. Invest in stylish furniture and a quality barbecue as part of any great deck improvement ideas.

You need chairs which can take plenty of cushions for lazing in as the evening becomes night. Maybe a few two or three-seaters for extra comfort. Build the seating and eating area so it encloses the barbecue, and everyone can see what is happening. Choosing bright colors will only add to the deck.

Deck improvement ideas - add Deck furniture

Do not forget the safety and maintenance

Safety is vital for any deck improvement idea that includes a barbecue area. If there will be kids running around, then fence off the barbecue. Try to use a gas or electric barbecue if the deck is close to the house or surrounding trees. A guard rail will stop people from falling off a high deck.

Do not forget the maintenance. Every season you should inspect the deck and barbecue area. You can clean a deck with the right products to keep mold away. A coating from the Stain & Seal Experts range will have wood looking fresh and free of rot. Post Guards will stop damage from the trimmer.

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At Fence Armor® we know there is nothing better than a barbecue on the deck on a warm summer’s night. A few good deck improvement ideas can turn it into a perfect barbecue area. Our experts can guide you through the project. Call us today for all your fence and deck protection needs.

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