Titan Shadow Rail Connector
Titan Shadow Rail Connector
Titan Shadow Rail Connector
Titan Shadow Rail Connector
Titan Shadow Rail Connector
Titan Shadow Rail Connector

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Titan Shadow Rail Connector


The Shadow Rail Connector™ hides all the fasteners inside it so you get clean lines and a truly elegant look.  Put the spotlight on your craftsmanship, not the fasteners. The Shadow Rail Connector™ will let you build like a Pro regardless of your skill level.

  • Fastener free appearance
  • Virtually invisible when stained or painted
  • Made locally with 100% USA and Canadian materials.
  • Two Connectors (four pieces) plus screws per pack

 Durable, UV protected polycarbonate gives you high performance and longevity.  Each pack includes two complete connectors and screws for connecting each 2x4 rail, enough for both ends of 1 2x4.  It really is so easy you'll wonder how you ever built without them!

Download the Shadow Rail Level Connector Installation Guide

Download the Shadow Rail Stair Height Guide

Download the Shadow Rail Stair Connector Installation Guide

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Have a question about our products? Need a special size, or color? We are here to help.

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Titan Shadow Rail Connector

Titan Shadow Rail Connector - The Deck Accessories You Are Missing

A Titan shadow rail connector is one of those deck accessories that works so well you don’t even know it is there. It is a simple yet very clever idea that every deck railing and stair railing installer should use. Describing them is easy but understanding their importance is a bit trickier.

Take a look at any deck railing around the perimeter of a deck railing or stair railing up from the yard. The railing looks great, and you can see why your sister or neighbor installed the deck. When you take a closer look, however, you may see something is not quite right.

There is a bit of a gap, an unsightly one, between the rails and the posts. The gap takes away from the craftsmanship of the deck or stair railing installation. Luckily, Fence Armor stocks the perfect set of deck accessories, including the rail connector to hide that gap and improve the look of your deck.

What is a Titan shadow rail connector?

Once you have the posts in place, and the rails from your deck supplier, you need to connect the two to build the deck railing. A rail connector allows you to do this and do it quickly and easily. A Titan shadow rail connector is made of 100% North American materials. It is a durable polycarbonate box that covers the connection between the rails and the deck posts. The pack contains two connectors, the correct screws, and each pack will do both ends of a rail.

The beauty of this rail connector is that it hides the connection between the rail and the deck post. What other deck accessories do this so easily? When you have the rail in place, all anyone will see is the quality of your work, not an untidy gap between the rail and deck post.

The rail connector enables you to build like a pro, even it’s on a Saturday morning, and you’re just out of bed.

Connecting the rails could not be easier

Connecting a deck railing to the deck post looks like it could be a difficult job, with a lot of deck accessories to manage. It could be one of those that you need a professional to do. Right? Well, not this time. With the right product and a couple of tools, you will build that deck or stair railing like a professional.

To build using the rail connector, you mark on the rail where the piece goes. You then mark the corresponding place on the deck post. When ready, attach a rail connector to the deck post and one to the rail, using the screws that come in the pack. With the two in place, you just slot the deck rail onto the post and build the deck railing.

Repeat the process all around the deck, and you have built a safe and secure deck or stair railing for the family.

The benefits to you

There are many benefits to using a Titan shadow rail connector. The obvious one is that it gives a seamless appearance to the deck railings. It hides the fasteners and also protects them from the effects of the weather. Remember your deck is outside throughout the year and suffers from the impact of rain, snow, and ice. Protecting the fasteners prolongs the life of your deck railing.

The shadow rail connector is also UV protected. It will not fade, bleach, or deteriorate under the warmth of the summer sun. A lot of polycarbonate or outdoor vinyl products quickly lose color after a summer of continuous sunshine.

Not the Titan shadow rail connector.

Invisible artistry

Is there anything worse than your hard work looking a bit obvious when you finish? You put all that time and effort into building the stair railing, but it all looks untidy. Thankfully our rail connector solves this problem too.

The Titan shadow rail connector comes in black and will not fade or peel even during the warmest of the summer weather. You can match the black with the aluminum balusters or other deck accessories for a smooth, balanced finish to the installation. It is also possible to paint the rail connectors to make for a seamless completion of the work. We know of many people who stain the polycarbonate connectors to blend with the wood of the deck.

Painting or staining the rail connector does not compromise the quality or the durability of the product.

Adding curb appeal

The Titan shadow rail connector comes with all the screws and extras you need. What you need to bring to the party is a power screwdriver and a bit of muscle.

When you have your deck and stair railing in place, take a step back and admire the work. You have built a safe space for the family, but with the Titan shadow rail connector, you have also added curb appeal.

Not bad for a morning’s work.