Five Incredible Deck Designs To Make Your Neighbors Green with Envy

Who doesn’t love a deck for relaxing during those long summer evenings? Just think of having one that will make the neighbors green with envy but in a nice way. The good news is that there are some incredible deck designs available, and you too could be relaxing in style this summer.

If you do not have a deck, you should consider installing one in the garden. Decks add so much to a home, not to mind they add curb value. When you have a deck you have a place to entertain, relax, a safe spot for the kids, and of course, the perfect area to watch the sun go down. At Fence Armor® we love a good deck and took a look around to find some incredible deck designs.

Included on our list of incredible deck designs to make your neighbors green with envy is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

A circular deck keeps everybody at the party

Most decks are square or rectangular and are great for groups or parties. One problem is that someone can get stuck in a corner and find it difficult to get into conversation with anyone else. If you want to add curb value a circular deck is the obvious choice.

A circular deck solves all the problems. You can design it to sweep around the front or back of your home and become a very welcoming space. Try building a circular deck to go around a tree in the yard for a spectacular effect and an incredible deck design.

Incredible deck designs - Circular Deck

How about an incredible deck design for the pool?

It may seem obvious, yet many people build their deck away from the pool instead of around it. There are many incredible deck designs for the pool, which will be the envy of the neighbors and add curb value. Modern materials and design methods make a pool deck a very safe area for kids and family.

You could have a split-level deck with the lower level going around the deck. By keeping an upper level dry, you can eat while the others splash about in the water. If you install subtle lighting, you can build an excellent atmosphere around the pool deck area.

Incredible deck designs - Split level deck

A cedar deck with the right fencing

At Fence Armor®, we hear of people not wanting the trouble of maintaining a deck or that they feel a deck is unsafe for family members. The great news is that native cedar is a durable wood, and if you use pressure-treated lumber, it does not need a lot of maintenance.

When you design the cedar deck at home, make sure to install a wood or vinyl fence. The right fence will keep the deck area safe when you follow all safety guidelines. An incredible deck design from native cedar with a fine fence will be the perfect spot for the summer.

Incredible deck designs - Fence around deck

Bring the garden onto the deck

Another advantage of a deck is that it looks great with flowers, plants, and shrubs growing on it. When designing a deck, make it big if you have the room, and enjoy all that space. Fill it with the best garden furniture but always bring the garden onto the deck.

Bringing the garden onto the deck will make it a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy the warm weather. The fabulous scents from the flower will fill the air day and night and add curb value. If you grow shrubs and small trees, you may get a selection of birds to keep you entertained. Incredible deck designs can be very simple.

Deck with flowers - add curb value

The 70s are back in style

Some people say the 70s are the decade that taste forgot, or was that the 80s? At Fence Armor® everyone has an opinion, but one is for sure, and that is the 70s are back in style. All the fabulous deep colors of that decade make for very comfortable deck furniture and plenty of design ideas.

The 70s were all about relaxing and indulging yourself. You can give the deck area a very artsy, decorative feel by sourcing original 70s furniture, and you may find some going cheap at the Thrift store. A great extra here is that your deck does not need to be big, but you can fill it with style.

Incredible retro deck design

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At Fence Armor® we love decks and are always on the lookout for incredible deck designs. If you are planning a new deck, then get designing. Ask our experts for advice. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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