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Stain & Seal Experts Fence Stain

A Next Level Fence Guard Treatment

Prevent the damaging and weathering elements that ravage your fence, aging, and destroying it before too long. Fence guard and beautification are two important reasons to apply fence stain to new and existing fences. Stain & Seal Experts offer a premium selection of fence stain products that ensure a long and beautiful life for wood. The fence armor stain helps by enhancing natural beauty and prolonging the fence’s effective usefulness to a property’s overall security, enjoyment, and curb appeal. All practical reasons to choose Stain & Seal Experts fence stain.

Stain & Seal Experts manufacture a professional-grade fence armor stain product line that produces premium coverage, application, and performance results every single time, working in tandem with our fence guard products. Stain & Seal Experts perfected their fence stain formula in a real-life lab test environment. Professional fence stain developed by professionals for professionals, and homeowners alike. A fence stain product engineered to stand up to the toughest exposures. Each fence stain color contains premium-quality and above-average levels of pigments, a proprietary blend of resins, pigments and premium paraffinic mineral oils guaranteed to deliver 100% satisfaction for color, coverage, and stain performance.

Why Use Stain & Seal Experts Fence Stain and Deck Stain

Ideal for pre-finishing, pre-staining or pre-dipping lumber, Stain & Seal Experts’ fence guard fence stain and deck stain products are better for the planet and provide an expert finish every time. Long-lasting pigments and very very low vapor’s or toxins in the stain and seal. This fence stain is easy-to-use and apply – No streaking, running or overlapping marks. Guaranteed.

Unlike other fence stain products, Stain & Seal Experts fence armor stain lasts – backed with a manufacturer’s two-year warranty. Re-application of the stain and seal is a breeze. Requiring less up-front labor and effort than other fence stain products on the market, with the fence armor stain, there’s no sanding or scraping required. Just wash the surface, as needed, and apply a new, fresh coat of fence stain. It’s that simple.

Fence stain application is smooth, producing a clean, professional finish, with no lap marks, drips, or runs. And Stain & Seal Experts’ low VOC formula ensures you get none of the lasting harmful and unpleasant odors that other fence stain products contain. Make the right choice for your fence stain project, choose the family, and environmentally-friendly fence armor stain product. A quick and easy clean-up with water, leaves no lasting residue of the stain and seal on ground surfaces, making it safe for families and pets soon after the fence stain project is complete.

Fence guard your fence with beautiful stain colors – choose from the expert collection of trendy tones, available in either semi-solid or semi-transparent finishes. Prefer the natural look of wood? Choose our clear fence stain product and preserve that new wood fence board look for much longer.

Protection for All The Right Reasons

Today, it’s more important than ever to do our part for the environment, using stain and seal being an easy way to help. Stain & Seal Experts’ developed their line of high-performance fence stains and deck stains to be low in VOCs, lowering their toxicity while still providing high-level performance in color definition, coverage, lasting beauty and protection that work together for the preservation of new and existing wood structures.

With fence & deck industries being a $9 billion industry in North America, using Fence Armor® and Stain & Seal Experts together, provide a unique dual protection partnership. Whether it’s a brand new fence or an existing one, these fence stains and deck stains revive, prevent mildew, mold and fading. And, when combined with Fence Armor® post protectors, the stain and seal lasts much longer. Prevent damage and premature aging to new and existing fences and decks with a premium fence armor stain finish and wood post protection.

How to Get Started with Our Top to Bottom Post Protector System

Building a new fence, deck, or pergola starts with an in-ground post protector sleeve. Postsaver® protects new wood posts from moisture, fungi, and ground rot. Postsaver® post sleeves come with the manufacturer’s 20-year guarantee. Get Dual Protection for your new posts – fastening a post protector around the top portion of the Postsaver® post sleeve protects it from weekly weedwacker damage. The Postsaver® sleeves and the Fence Armor ® fence guard products, combined with the stain and seal, leads to long-lasting, strong posts.

Whether it's a new or existing structure, deciding how to keep that new-wood-look is easier when you preserve and protect it with, Stain & Seal Experts’ Fence Stain, or Deck Stain. These gorgeous, low VOC, stain colors go on smooth and are such an easy clean-up. Want to preserve your newly-stained posts? Try adding a Fence Armor® post protector and prevent that unsightly weedwacker damage.

New and existing fences deserve Fence Armor® post protection. Neglected fence maintenance from weedwacker damage can lower your property’s curb appeal, and value, costing you hundreds to repair, or thousands to replace. From Fence Post Caps – decorative post caps and Decorative Finials, and Post Protector Guards from Fence Armor® have you covered, top to bottom.