Five Deck Designs to Consider for a Small Space

Good deck designs for a small space can save you time and money. With the right deck design, you can make the most of a small space and open up the yard or garden. Imagine being able to sit outside on a sunny evening on your deck, drink in hand, and the barbecue sizzling? The right deck design for a small space can be like adding a new room to the home, if you get it right.

Many people think that the deck has to be big and that their yard is too small a space for a proper one. If you look around the neighborhood, you may see a few deck designs for a small space that will work in your yard. At Fence Armor® we see them all the time, and we know how much fun a deck can be.

Included on our list of five deck designs for a small space is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Keep the deck design for a small space simple

The right deck design does not have to be a complicated matter. Keep it simple, and you will soon be enjoying sunny nights with friends and family. A cozy night with someone special isn’t out of the question too. Choosing the right deck design will make the project go a lot easier.

Consider building the deck along that small side of the house that gets a lot of sunlight. It need not take up much space. A balustrade-type rail will give places to sit and put down drinks and food. Only use stools and small chairs to give the deck area the feeling of being that bit bigger.

deck design ideas #1 - keep simple design for small space

Why not use mirrors to open up the area?

You often hear of people using a mirror to give a room or hallway a feeling of space. The same is true of a deck. If you are building a deck design for a small space, consider putting in a wall of mirrors along one side. Try it with an existing small deck, and you will love the results.

Mirrors reflect light and always open up a small area. You can string colorful lights along the top of the mirror wall for a warming effect at night. When designing, make the mirror wall as high and as long as you like to maximize the feeling of space. Use toughened, shatter-proof glass for safety.

deck design ideas #2- add Mirror Wall

Combine the patio and deck areas

Maybe your home is that bit older with a traditional patio in the backyard? Do not think of ripping it out but use it in the deck design for a small space. Install steps down from the patio to lead onto a deck on the lawn. The deck need not be big, but adding one will give lots of space where you need it.

If you have the time and money, you can build up the deck in the yard to click in with the patio. Putting a fence along the sides will give the feeling of a proper deck. Now you can walk straight from the patio onto the deck, and you have a great deck design for a small space in your yard.

deck designs ideas #3- combine deck and patio


Build the deck by the French doors

Think of the right deck design as an extension to the home to get plenty of ideas. If you have French doors opening onto a small yard, why not add a deck? The deck need not be too big, just enough to take the overflow from the house. Fencing it off will make it feel part of the home too.

If you have a wood floor inside, match the deck one to it. Making the two spaces match will help the flow of the deck design for a small space. Using a few deckchairs and maybe a small table can make the deck very comfortable. Do not forget the barbecue for those summer outdoor meals.

deck design ideas #4 - French doors to deck

A floating deck is a great design idea

Maybe you only have a small patch at the rear of the home. Why not try installing a floating deck and make the most of the little yard? A floating deck is easy to build and could be the perfect DIY project for the weekend. Use pressure-treated wood and maintain the deck at least once a year.

A floating deck design for a small space is only a step or two off the ground. It is not attached to the house or the land. You bed it in gravel or concrete but make sure there is plenty of drainage around the site. Staining and sealing the wood will protect it from any damage during bad weather.

deck design ideas #5 -add Floating Deck

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At Fence Armor® we love a good deck. A deck design for a small area can open up the home. It can also add a bit of curb value, always a great idea when selling your home. Ask our experts for advice on your next project. Call us today for all your fence and deck protection needs.

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