How to Choose a Fence Gate that Complements Your Home Design

A fence gate can make or break a fence. If the two do not match, your structure will look totally out of place. The same is true of the fence gate and home design. When choosing the right fence, it must complement your home design. Getting the fence gate and the home design to work can be the perfect finish to the overall planning of your property.

At Fence Armor® we look after any outdoor structure, from the fence posts to the patio and even mailbox posts. We know how a fence gate works with a home design and how you need to get it right. With this in mind, we put down a few suggestions from staff on choosing the best design for your home.

Included on the list for choosing a fence gate to complement a house design is:

Let's take a closer look at each point.

Make the fence gate as welcoming as possible

The chances are that you have a very welcoming home. Maybe you have a garden full of flowers and a very well-kept lawn. Choosing the right fence gate to complement the home design should not be too difficult. Getting it right may be the perfect finish to your happy home.

Often a high gate is off-putting to visitors. Choose one that is not too high or like a prison yard gate. A wood gate with a traditional latch mechanism will let the kids and neighbors in, but you can lock it too. Installing an archway with climbing plants can make the entrance gate very welcoming.

Fence gate design ideas #1 - Wood gate with flowers

A ranch gate is perfect for the big home

On the other side of the equation, a big house with a big driveway needs a big gate. A ranch gate will perfectly match the impression a big house gives and keep it secure. When visitors come to a big ranch gate, they will immediately know the home design and be eager to see your big house.

Ranch gates come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some people like the double gate style, which can open out or in, to admit guests. A tall solid gate will give you a sense of privacy and security. Modern technology allows you to electronically control the gates and lets you see who is calling too.

Fence gate design ideas #1 - Ranch gate

A picket fence gate is a cute option

Is there any other fence as traditional and welcoming as a picket fence? Everyone admires it, and a picket fence can be excellent support for roses and climbing plants. A picket fence gate is the perfect complement to any home design. When visitors see one, they will know yours is a welcoming home.

You can use a picket fence gate with any fence design. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. Vinyl is a popular material if you want one that is less maintenance than wood. There are many designs available if you're building your own gate for the garden.

Fence gate design ideas #3 - Picket fence gate

Choose a modern material for a contemporary design

A contemporary home design usually includes the yard and front garden. They should all complement each other and be welcoming spaces for friends and family. When building a fence, use the correct design with a modern material. An iron fence does not match a new home, for example.

Many people prefer to use vinyl when installing a fence gate for a modern home design. The material is durable, low-maintenance, and easy to work with in the yard. Modern vinyl comes in many colors and designs and will not buckle or fade under a warm summer sun.

Fence gate design ideas #4 - Modern gate

Do not forget the protection

You cannot install a fence gate and forget to protect it against all the threats out there. The gate posts need protection, and often a gate doesn't work because of broken fence posts. Everything from fence post rot, termites, and grass trimmers do a lot of damage to the posts that hold a gate.

Fence Armor Postsaver® Pro-Sleeves protect the fence post where it needs it, beneath the ground. Postsaver® Pro-Sleeves are heat-sealed to the wood and form an air and water-tight barrier. Fence Armor® Post Guards stop the grass trimmer from nicking, cutting, and slicing the wood or vinyl posts.

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