Everything you need to
prevent, protect, prolong.

The Innovative Strength of Fence Armor

The #1 Choice is Steel

Abundant, strong and flexible, steel accommodates every post material and size. This makes steel the best defence for any post.

Hard Core Protection

Starts with 100% American galvanized steel. It’s then dipped in zinc, followed by a durable, powder-coat finish.

The #1 Choice is Steel

Engineered Structure

The patented corner radius is designed to increase structural integrity, while reducing wear and tear on grass trimmer lines.


Fence Armor's two piece design offers additional side-slots to accommodate post expansion and contraction during seasonal weather.

Post Protection from the Bottom Up!

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What the Pros are Saying

"We think it's a great product, and we'll definitely recommend it with further projects on down the line."

Rocky, Indy's Finest Fence

"When we build things, we build it right once, and once only. This product adds to that philosophy."

Andy, Yorkshire Fence & Deck

"I've been in the grass-cutting industry for over 20 years now, and I've ruined my fair share of posts for fences. This stuff is just unstoppable."

Justin, Davis Fences