How Often Should You Use Deck Cleaner and Brightener?

How often should you use a deck cleaner and brightener? It’s the million-dollar question and one we get asked a lot at Fence Armor®. As with a lot of questions, there is not one, correct answer. We don’t like not giving a straight answer but let’s try to explain a bit more.

At Fence Armor®, we believe in adding life to our decks and fences. There is not any point in investing in the garden structures and then ignoring them when not in use. The more you put into deck care, the longer you will have it to enjoy. Using a deck cleaner and brightener must be one of the vital maintenance tasks. How often should you use it? Let’s look at a few answers.

Included on the list of how often should you use the deck cleaner and brightener is:

  • Apply the deck cleaner and brightener at least every two years
  • Why use a deck brightener with the cleaner?
  • Always power wash the deck before doing any cleaning work
  • Use the right stain and seal product to finish the job properly

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Apply the deck cleaner and brightener at least every two years

It is as simple as that, really.

During a typical spring, summer, and fall, your deck will get a lot of visitors. All those feet, shoes, boots, and garden furniture will wear away at the surface. By the end of the busy season, your deck will have done a lot of service.

On top of all that, the wet, cold, and damp months will take their toll on the wood of your deck. You may get mildew growing in the darker, shaded spaces. The heavy rain and wind can strip the wood and do a lot of damage.

If you notice that the deck is in trouble after a busy season, you may need to apply the deck brightener and cleaner annually. Do not ignore the scuffs and marks, as the damage to the wood during the winter could cost you a lot of money. Deck care is vital.

Deck Cleaner & Brightener

Why use a deck brightener and cleaner?

Another question we get asked a lot by our clients.

A good deck cleaner will do a great job of cleaning the wood. The problem is that the chemicals will raise the Ph levels of the wood during the cleaning. High Ph levels will darken the wood and leave it not looking as good as it could be. They can also block the stain from penetrating deeply into the wood and not protect it thoroughly.

A deck brightener will counteract the high Ph levels. It will quickly bring them down to a normal level and brighten the wood again. You should apply the brightener straight after doing the cleaning and wash it off immediately. The wood will be brighter within a few minutes.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when handling chemicals.

Freshly cleaned deck

Always power wash the deck before doing any cleaning work

If you have a lot of deck, a wooden fence, and garden furniture, you should consider investing in a power washer. They are easy to store and use and will pay you back by doing an excellent job of cleaning around the garden.

At Fence Armor® we recommend using a power washer on the deck before using a deck cleaner and brightener. It is a good way to see what needs to be done and a great way of doing a bit of deck care during the year. You will remove a lot of dried-in food and whatever else the kids left behind on the deck.

The power washer will have the wood ready for the deck cleaner and brightener. You can also use it after the work to get all the surplus product off the wood.

Power washing a deck

Use the right stain and seal product to finish the job properly

With the deck clean and the wood dry comes the time for protecting it again. If you do the work in the fall, you will need to cover the wood for the coming winter. You will need to protect the deck for the busy summer months for those of you who do the cleaning in the spring.

Staining and sealing is the best way to look after the newly cleaned deck. At Fence Armor®, we stock Stain & Seal Experts products and recommend them for all fence and deck care projects. The quality is obvious from when you open the container. It is actually a professional-grade product, but it goes on with ease and does a wonderful job of protecting your deck.

Choose from one of the range of styles and get your deck shining today.

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At Fence Armor®, we know about fence and deck care. Using a deck cleaner and brightener is essential. Ask our experts for help with the project. Call us today for all your fence and deck protection needs.

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