Five Different Types of Fence Gates

If you have a fence, you will need a fence gate. We often hear of people who forget about a fence gate until it is too late. Imagine spending all that money and finding you’ve no way in or out of the yard? The expense of adding a gate afterward is a lot more than when installing the fence, and anyway, a fence gate is an excellent addition to your property.

At Fence Armor® we love a good fence gate. It is an integral part of every fence installation and is worth putting a bit of time into your choice. We asked suppliers, clients, and staff for a few favorites and came up with a list of different types of fence gates.

Included on our list of different types of fence gates is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The picket style fence gate is a big favorite

The picket fence is an all-time favorite. If you look around the neighborhood the chances are that most people will have one. The picket style gate looks perfect with a picket fence, but it works with other styles of fence too. It can break up a blank privacy fence or even a wall or a long bush.

A picket style gate is very welcoming. You can have one made to the height and style you want or buy one directly from a fence supply agent. Often people install a matching arch around the fence gate to grow roses or other creeping plants. What better way to welcome people to your home?

Picket Style Fence gate

If you have a pool, you'll need one

It is now mandatory in most states and districts to have a pool fence. Of course, with a pool fence, you’ll also need a gate. The reasons behind a pool fence and gate are solid; you can have control over the area and keep the children safe. Always use a professional when installing a pool fence.

Pool fence gates should be of the same material as the fence, usually aluminum, stainless steel, or vinyl. They should be self-closing and locking, and you should maintain the fence gate regularly. Obviously, the pool fence gate should have a lock, and the key kept somewhere away from the kids.

Different types of fence gate

Ranch style gates make an impression

If you have a driveway up to your house, what better way to keep it safe and secure than ranch style gates? You do not need gate of this size for a small property, but if you have a bit of land, then why not? Ranch style gates come in many designs, but they always make an impression.

Tall and secure ranch style gates are usually of wood or aluminum. Most people also install a security system so you can open or close the gate from your home. The ranch gates are difficult to climb or ram. Think more of the different types of fence gate and install a design to match your home.

Ranch Style Fence gate

Tall gates are very popular

Each year and season see different types of fence gates become popular. It does not matter if you have a picket, wood, or aluminum fence, but the style at the moment is tall gates. A tall fence gate adds security, but it can be part of your overall design plan, and you can get creative with the design.

Maybe have a tall, picket style fence gate to the front of the property and a more secure, solid structure to the rear. A tall gate will look spectacular in the summer with lights around the panels to welcome guests on a sunny evening, and it is perfect for Halloween and Christmas decorations.

Tall Fence Gates

Pet gates to keep the little ones safe

Many people will build a fence on the property just to keep the kids and pets safe. If you live in a busy neighborhood, you will know the problem of traffic everywhere. You do not want to take the risk of a loved one running out on the street chasing a ball. A fence and fence gate are essential.

Fence gates that shut automatically will solve the problem. You should install a self-locking mechanism for extra security so the gate won’t blow open in the wind. Durable materials like vinyl or aluminum keep fence gates in top condition with little maintenance and keep everyone safe.

Pet fence gate - self-lock


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