Five Benefits of a Fenced-In Backyard for Your Rental Property

Owning a rental property has many benefits. You can earn a good income from the rent, and in time the property will become an excellent investment. Often people take on more than one rental building and reap the benefits over the years. You will need to maintain and invest in your rental property and a fenced-in backyard is essential. Unfortunately, many property owners do not realize this until it is too late.

At Fence Armor® we have many clients who own rental properties, and they come for our advice on how to care for the yard and garden. We always recommend a fenced-in backyard, and when we explain why, clients see the sense in having one. There are many ways to have a fenced-in backyard, but we like to keep it simple and with low maintenance in mind.

Included on the list of benefits of having a fenced-in backyard for your rental property are:

Let's take a closer look at each point.

A fenced-in backyard means security

Without a fence, any backyard is open to whoever passes the property. Nearly every backyard is to the rear of the property, and so is out of view. Having unrestricted access to the house is not a good idea, and it is an invitation to bad guys to break in when you're away. A fence is the perfect solution.

The fenced-in backyard means security. You can build one high enough and strong enough to keep the house safe from intruders. Many people install a tall, vinyl privacy fence for extra security, while other rental property owners prefer steel or aluminum fences. Remember to keep within a budget.

vinyl fence- Fenced-in backyard


The fence marks out your property

Often you will find that a rental property borders other rentals on both sides. Tenants may wander from yard to yard or leave pets and kids to take over the backyards when the owner is not around. For the property owner this is not a good idea and can lead to insurance and maintenance problems.

By having a fenced-in backyard, you are marking out your property. Only your tenants can access the backyard, and it will be easier for you to maintain. A tenant will appreciate the yard space and know that you care for the property too. A fenced-in backyard is essential for every rental property.

Privacy fence - Fenced-in backyard

Tenants prefer the privacy

A tenant always prefers the privacy of a fenced-in backyard. They may not know who their neighbors are and may wish to keep their distance. If they have children or pets, the tenants will want to know they can safely leave them outside. A fenced-in backyard gives peace of mind to the tenant.

The tenant will not know the neighborhood and will feel happier with a fenced-in backyard. They do not want a passer-by to walk into their home. Everyone values privacy and security, so it is always essential to give your tenants what they need. A happy tenant makes for a happy life for the owner.

Fenced-in backyard

A fence always adds curb appeal

A major benefit of a fenced-in backyard is the extra curb appeal. Your home will stand out on the block for the quality of the fence, making it easier to rent or even to sell. We recommend installing fences throughout a property for maximum curb appeal, but check local laws before construction.

When new tenants visit your rental property, they will appreciate the fenced-in backyard. They will see the extra security and the privacy they will get from having a protected backyard. Your house will look smart and secure, allowing you to charge high rents for the property.

Curb Appeal - Fenced-in backyard

More money in your pocket

The high rental income from a fenced-in backyard will make your investment a worthwhile project. In many districts adding a fence to your property brings tax breaks, and you may be able to write off the money over time. Ask your accountant for advice before beginning any project and set limits too.

Insurance costs will come down with the added security of a fenced-in backyard. The extra curb appeal will add to the house's value when the time comes to sell. Remember that your fenced-in backyard is an investment in the property, not an extra cost. It will pay you back over the years.

Imporve income with Fenced-in backyard

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