Big Red Post Puller | Post Removal | Fence Armor

A good example of one that broke off. Well see if we can grab a hold of it. You see we got a few things around it, we kind of need to make it level. We need to get that right over it, best you can. Even stick a board right underneath here. That’s where it’ll pull straight up. There we kind of, once you start lifting and start pulling it up. And there we got a good grab on that one. As long as there’s enough of that chain to grab a hold of, they're pretty much pulling out. You have to go all the way up with the jack and all the way down, and the important thing is this I-beam is the strength of it’s going up and down not sideways or forward or back, the strength is up and down. So if your pole is leaning one way, say someone backed into it it can, you’d rather pull it straight out rather than trying to lift it up when the footing is going sideways. But with this right here, yank it out. This is an example of just a repair job. This one’s just leaning which wouldn’t be none too much to it, but when you pull up with your post puller you want that I-beam to be straight even with this, this way and this way. So as long as this level it’ll pull it straight out. As long as it’s got so much wood on there, or so much of a post left, enough to grab ahold of, the chain with get it, if not it comes with a hook that you can screw down in there so if it was broke off down here low enough where you couldn't get a hold of it with a chain you can screw this in there and you can get in a pretty good bite with it. And I’ve been able to get 90-95 percent of them out with that. That’s pretty much it and it’ll pull out your broken off post. Thank you very much.