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Titan Accessories – All You Need For Your Deck Post Anchor Project

Titan Building Products is one of those companies that always deliver on quality. Like us at Fence Armor®, they come from humble beginnings but have not forgotten the customer as they grew. The range and quality of Titan Accessories are second to none. We are very happy to partner with Titan and supply their Titan post anchor and deck accessories to our clients.

When you feel the quality and see their products at work, you will understand why we partner with Titan and offer the Titan deck accessories.

The Titan deck accessories range includes some excellent products for the deck and stair railing. Outside work can be difficult, but Titan accessories go a long way to make that easier for you. The investment you make in upgrading and preserving the deck and stair railing will be better protected using Titan deck accessories.

The Titan accessories range for post anchor project on the deck and stair railing include the center guide, a 1.25” hole saw, and the perfect little hammer. We also recommend that you take all the safety precautions needed and wear protective goggles and gloves when working with electrical equipment.

Center Guide will help you find the way

Have you ever tried finding the center of a fence or stair railing post? There is all that marking, drawing lines, and measuring distances. You see the guy on TV doing it, and it all looks so simple, but when you come to do the work, it is never that easy - especially when you have a lot of post anchors to do. You need a center guide.

The Titan Center Guide takes away all those picky bits and lets you get on with the project. You will not need to do the drawing and marking; just let the center guide take over. It could not be easier to mark the center of a post. After you use it the first time, you will wonder how you got by without a center guide in the past.

Place the center guide at a corner of the post you need to work on for the project. Next, place the hole saw against the vertical guides, and your saw blade will mark the center in seconds. The handy tool works for standard 4” x 4” lengths of lumber.

An ideal tool for when inserting a Titan post anchor on the deck and stair railing and you want to work to go smoothly.

The 1.25” hole saw for the 4” x 4” Titan Post Anchor

When you have the center marked out on your post, then comes the time for drilling the hole. Not everyone has a center hole saw, or you may not have one suitable for the Titan Post Anchor fittings. The anchor will not sit right in the post if you get the hole size and depth wrong.

You need some more Titan deck accessories for the deck and stair railing. We always say it is good to be prepared, so make sure you have the full range on the site before beginning any work.

Your hole problems are solved with the 1.25” hole saw. The circular saw cuts down into the deck and stair railing post with little difficulty. Made from American steel and with sharp teeth, this saw has the hole cut in seconds.

As the tube on the post anchor is longer than the hole saw, you might think something is wrong. Do not worry, though, as the Titan tube is designed to be hammered in beyond the depth of the cut hole.

Mark the spot on each post, drill the hole, and get ready to insert the post anchor. All you need now is the hammer designed just for this piece of work. Luckily the Titan Accessories range has one for you.

A hammer designed just for the Titan Post Anchor project

When you have a lot of post anchors to insert in the railing or deck posts, you will need a hammer to finish each one correctly. There is not any point in searching out a hammer from the toolbox when we have the right one here at the Titan deck accessories range.

You need to hammer the post anchor into place into the post. Our hammer will let you get on with the work and make it quick and easy for you. Like all products on the Titan Accessories range, they are designed with the worker in mind.

Any builder or serious DIY enthusiast will appreciate the craftsmanship of the hammer and how easy it is to use when inserting the Titan post anchor on the deck and stair railing. Our Titan Accessories range has all you need for a weekend of old-fashioned hard work around the yard.