How to Prevent, Protect, and Prolong Your Decks and Fences with Deck & Fence Staining

How to Prevent, Protect, and Prolong Your Decks and Fences with Deck & Fence Staining

May 19 2021

The woodwork in your yard, on your fences and your deck, needs to be well cared for and treated every year or two to keep it looking good. When you properly maintain it, using a deck cleaner and brightener, along with quality fence and/or deck stain, it helps create a happy, relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel at home. If your decking or fencing has been left for too long, it may need some extra TLC (Tender loving care). Here's how applying deck cleaner and brightener followed by a suitable deck stain or fence stain application can make your deck look good all year round.

Common Decking and Fencing Issues

A well-cared-for deck or fence will look amazing year-round. However, if it's been a while since it was last cared for, without using a deck cleaner and brightener, there will be some problems to attend too. Here are some of the most common problems your deck or fence will face:

  • Loss of color: The wood will lose color over time. It can turn gray or silver when it is not maintained, a sign that it needs to be refreshed.
  • Moss and algae: If the wood gets wet and can't dry off properly, then moss, algae and mold can start to form. This will damage the wood over time, and even lead to wood rot.
  • Wood rot: If the wood does begin to rot, you'll see that it will start to become damaged. If left for long enough, sections can even start to collapse.
  • Damaged posts: Don't forget that activities in your yard will affect the decking and fencing. Weedwackers, lawnmowers, and more will all cause damage to the posts if they're not properly protected. Consider Fence Armor® to protect your posts.
  • Insect damage: Insects such as termites can get into older decks, and start eating them, making them unstable.

Maintaining A Deck

Deck care requires regular cleaning and staining of the wood using quality wood strippers and stain strippers. To avoid most of the damage a deck will take, it's important to use a reputable deck cleaner and brightener on it, and then a good fence stain or deck stain such as, “Stain & Seal Experts”. Firstly though, you'll need to inspect your deck for any damage. Anything you find will need to be repaired before you can start with cleaning and deck staining.

You'll want to start by visually inspecting your deck. Don't forget to look underneath it and check the posts and other hard to reach areas, too. These could all be hiding mold, wood rot, and other problems. Check for any cracks or rotting. Remember, if you are regularly cleaning the wood with a reputable deck cleaner and brightener, and use a good deck stain, you should avoid most issues with rotting wood and posts.

If any sections of your deck are damaged, they will need to be replaced before you can move on to cleaning the deck, as you want to apply the deck cleaner and brightener to healthy posts. 


Cleaning and Staining Your Deck with a Deck Cleaner and Brightener

Now it's time to clean your deck. You'll need to pick up the right deck cleaner and brightener for your deck. Different decks are made of different types of wood, so ensure that you have the right products for your wood type.

Brush off your deck, making sure that all debris is removed. This includes things like dirt and fallen leaves. You may need to sand off your deck, then clean again to get a smooth finished surface.

When you're cleaning, make sure you're only using an approved deck cleaner and brightener. This will ensure that your wood can stand up to the chemicals used and will effectively clean the deck. Once the deck is clean and you've allowed it to dry off, you're ready to go to use your deck stain.

Now the deck is clean, you'll need to stain it to protect it against the elements. You can buy a deck stain in a huge array of colors and opacities, so you'll need to pick one that works best for you. Fence Armor® does a large range of colors, so check out what they have to offer with their “Stain & Seal Experts” brand.

Deck stain is perfect for decks as you'll still be able to see the wood grain beneath it. It's a good option if you want your deck to look natural and is paired perfectly with the deck cleaner and brightener. 

When staining your deck with Stain & Seal Experts, ensure you cover all areas, including the cracks between planks. This will ensure that the whole deck is properly protected.

Caring for Your Fencing

Maintaining your fencing and applying a fence stain at regular intervals with a product such as Stain & Seal Experts is important. Your fence stands up to a lot from the weather, so you'll need to maintain it in much the same way.

Inspecting Your Fence

There are no real rules on how often you need to apply a fence stain to your fencing. A good rule of thumb is to check after you've had rain. If the water isn't beading up on the fence, you'll need to apply an approved deck cleaner and brightener first and then re-stain it.

Again, look for any damage before you start painting the fence. Are there any cracks in the timber? Any signs of splitting, or another breakage? If you find any, you may need to replace that fence panel before you get started.

If you find any mold or algae, this will need to be handled before you move onto the fence stain. You can scrub it off with watered down bleach, or power wash it off if the fence is sturdy enough.

Inspecting a deck

Staining Your Fence

Now you've inspected and repaired the fence, and applied an approved deck cleaner and brightener, you're ready to use the fence stain. The fence must be dry before you use it. You can apply the stain with a brush, power sprayer, or roller. Remember, you will need a brush to get any delicate or hard to reach areas.

Paint the fence stain in the direction of the wood grain, to get the best effect. It's also a good idea to paint the fence when it's in the shade. If you paint in direct sunlight, the stain will dry too fast and not set into the wood properly. Look into the different colors available with Stain & Seal Experts.

Stain & Seal Experts

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Maintaining Your Deck and Fencing

Once the fence stain has been applied and the deck looks good as new, you'll need to protect it. Ensure you clean the woodwork regularly, using an approved wood cleaner. Also, consider installing a PostSaver® from Fence Armor® to protect the posts. This will ensure that the deck and fencing will last longer. Apply a new stain again after a year, to keep it in top condition.

Decks and fences look beautiful when cared for with a deck cleaner and brightener, but if they're left alone for long enough they start to look old and tired. You can bring that deck back to its former glory, though. Clean it off and re-stain it, and it will be ready for next summer.

Order your PostSaver®, and Stain & Seal Experts for fences and decks online now, to prevent, protect and prolong your posts and ensure your deck stays standing for years to come.


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