How To Prevent Fence Post Rot

How to prevent fence post rot? It’s a question we are asked nearly every day of the week. Sometimes it’s a caller with a new fence. Other times it’s a rancher whose fence posts have seen better days. Every fence needs post protection. The better the rot barrier, the safer your fence will be.

At Fence Armor® you could say we know a bit about how to prevent fence post rot. Some say we are the experts, and while we won’t disagree, we don’t like to boast. What is certain is that rot is a big threat to the posts. We have the experience and the products to offer you the best post protection on the market today.

Let’s take a closer look at how to prevent fence post rot.

How does the rot get into the fence posts?

To know how to prevent fence post rot, you must know how it strikes in the first place. The crucial ground-line level is where all the action happens. This is the area about eight inches into the dirt, where rot likes to work.

The ground-line level is where your fence posts are most vulnerable to attack.

Moisture seeps into the post below ground from the dirt. The wood expands and contracts. Oxygen in the soil combines with other elements, making it perfect for rot to take an interest. The soft wood attracts all the bad guys, and soon the rot is eating away at your post. All the action happens where you can’t see it…until it is too late.

You need post protection, and the ground-line level is where it goes.

rotted post

How does the Fence Armor® rot barrier work?

Our Postsaver® Sleeves are the answer to your rot prevention problems. When applied, they give an air-tight and water-tight barrier between the post and the soil. The barrier is so effective that each sleeve comes with a 20-year guarantee on pressure treated posts.

We know they are that good.

Fence post protection is easy with Postsaver® Sleeves. The thermoplastic bituminous interior sleeve works. It keeps out the moisture and the oxygen. Our rot barrier sleeve maintains the wood as it has just left the factory. You need to apply it to the posts before burying them in the dirt.

On top of everything, it is easy to apply.

Postsaver in action

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Applying the rot barrier

Knowing how to prevent fence post rot is half the battle. Doing the work wins the war.

The rot barrier Postsaver® Sleeves come in several sizes to fit all posts. You can buy them in single units, packs of ten, or in rolls for larger jobs. They work on fence posts, mail posts, deck posts, and any other ones you may use around the yard.

They are easy to apply.

You measure and mark where the rot barrier goes on the posts. When ready, slide the sleeve into place and angle the fence post to keep it steady. Run a heat gun gently over the rot barrier sleeves until the bitumen melts and seals to the wood. Use a roller to get out any wrinkles or air bubbles on square posts.

When it dries, you can get to work burying the fence posts in the dirt.

How to prevent fence post rot with Post Guards

Above ground, the fence posts get damaged by the weather, grass trimmers, and animals. The nicks and cracks can do untold damage to the wood. Any guide on how to prevent fence post rot must include looking after this area.

Our fence Post Guards are the best option.

They are American-made of galvanized steel and offer a strong post protection barrier. Grass trimmers cannot cut through the Post Guards. Animals and kids cannot do damage, and the fence posts stay safe for many years to come.

Post Guards are easy to apply. Use them with the rot barrier sleeves for complete post protection. They can also be a good idea for metal and vinyl fencing.

Postsaver & Fence Armor

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Don't forget the annual maintenance

Annual maintenance is crucial for the care of your fence posts.

A good coat of stain and seal product will protect the wood through the cold winters and hot summers. Do not forget to coat the posts before burying them in the dirt.

Doing regular inspections is an excellent way to prevent fence post rot too. Check for damage throughout the year and do repairs immediately. Give those posts a good look over. Check the area around the dirt and keep the grass under control. Of course, when you have our Postsaver® Sleeves and Post Guards in place to work is a doddle.

Maintenance is easy when you do it regularly.

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