Fence Armor® - Our Journey to Face the Dragons on CBC

Fence Armor® got an invitation to appear on Dragons' Den in 2016. To say we were over the moon is putting it mildly. Having our Post Guards on such a big CBC TV show was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Our Post Guard invention is a great product; now we could show it to the public. A one-time shot at getting people to think differently about fence post protection and trimmer damage.

It would be a daunting task to go up in front of the Dragons, but the challenge was accepted. Many people ask us about our Dragons' Den adventure. How did it happen? How did Dragons' Den go? The truth is a great story, but it involved plenty of hard work and a lot of fun.

Let's take a closer look at our Dragons' Den adventure.

The Fence Armor® trip to Dragon's Den begins

It all started with an online application on February 19, 2016. We thought about our answers and filled in question after question. There was a lot of crossing our fingers, and a prayer or two was said, but we pressed 'submit.' We did our best and hoped all was okay.

Only five days later, an invite came back to attend an audition on February 24. It was in our local town of Burlington, Ontario, but only three days away. We prepared, rehearsed, and learned our lines. If there is one thing we know backwards it's Post Guards, but we had to convince Dragons’ Den we were worth booking for their show.

At the audition we did really well. We told our story, explained the benefits of Post Guard, and fence post protection. When you have done your best, the rest is in the lap of the gods.

It was only day one of our long, long wait to see if we'd made the cut to appear on the show.

Fence Armor Dragon's Den

Come on down, Fence Armor® and Post Guard

Almost six weeks passed before we got the most exciting news. We made it. Fence Armor® was to face the Dragons in their Den on May 13 - now the real work began.

The producers of Dragons' Den gave us specifications of the set we had to build. The Fence Armor® co-owners, Al Martins and Luis Ruivo got to work on it immediately. We needed to wow the Dragons. Our set had to show off the Post Guards and how they work. Not a problem for Al and Luis. Like all great products, the demonstration set was born in humble surroundings…the garage.

They built the set, and May 13 wasn't long coming around.

Fence Armor Dragon's Den Display

Fence Armor® arrives at the studio

May 13 arrived in no time at all.

We traveled to the studio and tried to keep our nerves under control. At the studio, we prepared our set, put on the proper clothing, and practiced our lines. Before our big moment, we had the chance to tour the studio and see the Den before the Dragons arrived.

Tension was high. We knew Post Guards to be a great product, but this was different. Today we would meet the Dragons and would have to convince them to invest in Post Guards. In only 90 seconds, we had to explain, excite, and entice the Dragons to offer Fence Armor® a deal.

Not an easy task for anyone, but at least we had an excellent, proven product.

Fence Armor at Studio 40

Facing the Dragons in the Den

After what seemed like an age came the time to enter the Den for real. This was it. This was our opportunity.

We entered the Dragons' Den and set up our display. Our set – designed to show the Post Guards reliability in fence post protection - was now out of our hands. It was up to Al to run the show.

Al went in front of the Dragons to show that Post Guard is the best protection for your fence posts. In addition, he demonstrated how the Post Guards protect against trimmer damage. The Dragons learned all about our American-made, galvanized American steel products, and they were impressed.

Al did a great job.

You can find out how great a job Al did by watching the show.

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