EZ Hole Template Kit on an Aluminum Post | Fence Armor

Hey what's up guys, we're going to show you the EZ Hole Router Template Kit for aluminum fence post. We've got an insert here that's a main frame and insert together. This fits right over a two inch post and it will make the normal size rounded hole for residential one-inch rail in this case we've got a custom project where the rail has to be moved up so we're cutting all the sections, moving the rail up cutting the bottom of the post off is, all plate all uh mounted on these walls so we're gonna do this rail up four inches so we'll reroute the field, cut the old hole off and off we go. So we've marked and pre-drilled the step bit, a hole and drop our router bit in so I have a round hole and a mark uh where that hole is supposed to be. This is a pretty tight fit on the post. Remove it, I like to double check my top it's supposed to be twenty three and a half shy which is what it is another quick clamp we can use on that. Even though it's a pretty tight fit already, the goal is to drop this router bit inside that hole and then go clockwise. Just like that see, if that boy fits like a glove there it is.