Did Fence Armor® Survive The Fire?

As some of you may know, Fence Armor® was on Dragons' Den not so long ago. It was an honor and a privilege to be invited to such a show. It was also an opportunity we were not going to miss. We know how good our product is, and having Fence Armor® on Dragon's Den was our time to tell the nation. Fence protection is our subject and we had our time to shine.

We loved our time on the Dragon's Den. The preparation, the thinking outside the box, and doing something a bit different were great fun. Everyone rose to the challenge, and the Fence Armor® team showed what it could do under pressure. Teamwork, a good product, and excellent management will always deliver.

Prior to the episode, we released a blog, which you can read here, about the adventure. It's worth a read and builds up the atmosphere before watching the show. We left you with many unanswered questions as we want you to watch our debut on the national stage. You have to see Fence Armor® on Dragon’s Den to get in the mood.

Today we are here to answer those questions and add a little bit more.

So, how did Fence Armor® do on Dragon's Den?

Where do we start with this one?

Being on Dragon's Den was an amazing experience. It taught us a lot about ourselves, what we can do and how we can pull together. The planning, the designing, and getting over last-minute hitches showed what a team we have at Fence Armor®.

Fence Armor® being on Dragon's Den was a unique opportunity, and we grabbed it with both hands. Our presentation went exactly as we wanted, and of course, we impressed the judges. Not only did we get to appear on the final episode of the season, but it was a "Battle Episode" for extra flavor. For those who are not familiar with a battle episode, it is when two competitors vie for a chance to "pitch" to the Dragons—an extra bit of spice for the show and more pressure on the team.

Do not doubt Fence Armor®. In every battle, there is a winner and a loser. Close your eyes now if you do not want to know, but here comes a spoiler alert – Fence Armor® won. Yes, we now had the chance to get in front of the Dragons and pitch our fence protection product.

At the pitch to the Dragons, everything went very well. Like our products, when you are well-prepared, you are ready for the job. We made a deal with Joe Mimran, owner of Joe Fresh, who was very impressed by both the team and the Fence Armor® product. Joe's offer was very good, but Fence Armor® decided to pursue another avenue after much deliberation.

What happened next for Fence Armor®?

Well, having Fence Armor® on Dragon's Den was some experience. The exposure, the teamwork in prepping for the show, and the wonderful reaction were invaluable. It all helped to remind us what a fabulous product we have at Fence Armor®.

We still get asked about the show and what happened next?

We are happy to say that even though we continued without Joe Mimran, we reaped the benefits of having Fence Armor® on Dragon’s Den. After the show aired, we were able to go into talks with Home Depot. Dealing with such a company was yet another exciting milestone for the team. Now we can supply our products to an even wider audience, which can only be good for Fence Armor®. You can see the product line here.

Of course, we are looking forward to seeing what other new opportunities will arise from this experience. We hope you stay on board for the journey and see what the next chapter brings for Fence Armor®.

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