Decking Products You Didn’t Know You Needed to Consider

There are many types of decking products on the market. You may have some of them already or others you may know about from the neighbors. Like all things in life, it is all very well knowing what you need to know, but what about the other decking products? The ones you didn’t know you even needed to consider?

At Fence Armor®, we recognize that look we get from some people when we talk about decking products. Do I really need one of those? Are you serious? Do you mean I need one for my deck? These are just three examples of people's questions when we suggest deck products at any time of the year. As the fall is a busy time for deck maintenance, we decided to put together a post for those of you still unsure about total deck care.

Included on our list of decking products you didn’t know you needed to consider is:

    • Deck post anchor and skirt for safety
    • Post Guards and Postsaver® Sleeves for the deck posts
    • Aluminum balusters for around the deck
    • Decking products for cleaning the wood

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Deck post anchor and skirt for safety

Where your deck posts meet the deck, you should always use a deck post anchor. Some people just screw the posts for the deck fence or stair railings straight into the deck. It is not safe to do this, nor will the wood last very long doing it this way.

A deck post anchor will secure a deck post or stair railing onto the deck. They are simple to fit, and they offer security and safety on the patio for many years. The deck post anchor will also keep the deck post off the surface of the deck. Doing this will avoid the problems of rot and mildew, which can happen around the foot of the post sitting on a damp deck.

You can also add a metal post skirt. A simple piece of kit to attach, this skirt fits around the deck post anchor. It protects the anchor and hides it from view, giving a tidy look to the deck.

Post Anchor

Post guards and Postsaver® Sleeves for deck posts

When we suggest deck post guards to some people, they look a bit surprised. When they see the damage caused by a grass strimmer, they quickly agree they need one on every post. 

Made from American galvanized steel, these post guards will not buckle or rust. They protect the posts from strimmer cord damage and from animals that nibble at the exposed wood. You should also fit our Postsaver® sleeves, which will protect the post at the crucial ground line level, where rot and mildew take hold. 

Post Guards and Postsaver® Sleeves are two deck products you should fit on every post.

Aluminum balusters for around the deck

Often people build a lovely guard rail around the deck to prevent people from falling over the edge. They also build stairs up from the garden so guests can move around the yard. The problem can be what happens between the guard rail and the deck.

Children, especially toddlers, can easily slip through onto the dirt below. In most states, you need to have regulation-size aluminum balusters fitted to every guard rail and stair railing. The aluminum balusters should also be a specific, small distance apart so nobody can slip through the gaps.

Our Titan aluminum balusters solve all the problems. They are easy to fit to your deck and are an ideal deck product for adding safety and good looks to the area. The balusters are bulletproof, UV-protected, and will not buckle or rust under any weather conditions.

Always fit a guard rail, and do not forget the aluminum balusters to finish off the project perfectly.

Aluminum Balusters

Decking products for cleaning the wood 

Your deck will need a good cleaning at least once a year. 

Many people clean the deck after the winter storms. The deck will need a clean in the fall, after the summer barbecues and parties, when it will get dirty from the family eating and walking on the wood. The wood may also gather moss and mildew in the dark corners after a damp, cold winter and spring.

Decking products for cleaning the wood include a Wood Stripper to take off all the old stain and seal that may be getting rough looking. A Wood Cleaner will get the stubborn food and drink stains off the wood, and a Wood Brightener will get it looking like new again.

When considering staining and sealing a deck, always make sure it is clean and ready to take the product before starting the work. Wood cleaning is essential but always use the best decking products for the project.

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At Fence Armor®, we know a lot about deck products. There are the ones you may already know about and the others that may surprise you. Our experts can help you with any deck care project. Call us today for all your decking products.

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