You have Postsavers but don't forget the Fence Armor Post Guards

Postsaver & Fence Armor Post Guards are Better Together


Choosing Postsaver is a smart step to prevent in-ground post rot effectively. When you install Postsaver or Postsaver-Plus, take note that a portion of the sleeve or wrap should extend above the ground line. For Postsaver, it's 2 inches above, and for Postsaver-Plus, it's 6 inches. This ensures that ground rot won't start above the ground and work its way down, where the post is most vulnerable to rot.
If your posts won't be exposed to weed-whacking or potential damage from lawn equipment, you're good to go. However, if there's a risk of damage, we recommend using Fence Armor's post guards. They not only enhance the appearance of your posts with a tailored look but also provide protection to the Postsaver behind them. Explore our before and after pictures to see the difference.


Before Post Guards you have exposed Postsaver

before post guards

After Fence Armor's Post Guards the post and Postsaver are protected from damage and look great!

after post guards


Once it forms to the post and is in the ground it is still susceptible to damage from string trimmers and other lawn equipment. The Postsaver is a thin sheet of plastic with Bitumen oil meant to protect the wood underneath, now you need to protect it from the outside world. Fence Armor comes in a variety of widths and two heights, 3 in tall and 6 in tall, and numerous colors. If you have a large enough job they will custom blend colors for you! Post Guards are made of galvanized steel perfectly formed to fit snugly around your post. no matter if it is wood, vinyl, steel, or aluminum. They have multiple widths in each style to snugly fit and protect the base of your post. They even have round Post Guards to protect farm fencing or pole barn posts. It is an absolute must even if you did not apply Post Saver. As string trimmers will erode the external protection with its damaging repetition of cutting the grass with the strings beating the post. To install simply use the included Philips head screws to attach the post saver to the fence post.

Super Easy Post Guard Install

Installing Fence Armor Post Guards takes just minutes with basic hand tools, yet provides long-lasting protection. Simply measure the width of your Post Saver plastic sleeve and select the properly sized Post Guard. Use a hammer to tap the Post Guard down over the Post Saver, ensuring it slides all the way to the bottom. The Post Guard should fit snugly around the Post Saver without moving up and down. Locate the pre-drilled holes and use the included screws to attach the Post Guard securely into the fence post. Make sure screws are flush to the surface.



With the Post Guard installed, the section of your fence post and Post Saver above ground is now defended against damage from lawn equipment, weed whackers, and other incidental contact. The heavy gauge galvanized steel and secure fit resists dings and dents. No more unsightly marks marring your professional fence install!

Did you leave the top of your fence exposed?

Don't forget our patented CAP CLAW™ system with optional  decorative finials for the top of your post. It covers square wood posts in the most common sizes. At the very top of your fence post is just raw exposed wood. Rain and snow easily seep in and help rot the post from the inside. Sealing this top is critical to making sure your fence post lasts as long as possible. And If you have a steel post this is even more critical. As water will quickly rust the post from the inside out. Always make sure your steel posts are capped securely. You will never notice your steel post is  rusting because the powder coating will hide that the rust is on the metal just below the paint. Many times I have seen that the post looks fine from the outside but it is because the rust is between the paint / powder coating and the surface of the steel or rusting from the inside out. 

The Post Guard's durable powder coated finish will provide long-lasting curb appeal while protecting your investment in the Post Saver wooden fence post preservation system. Choose from numerous color options to match or accent your fence. Extend the lifespan of your fences and keep them looking great with this simple add-on product.

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