You Don't Have to Live With Damaged Fence Posts!

Damaged fence posts put your fence at risk. Fence posts are being torn apart nationwide by trimmers and mowers. Fence Armor® wants to put a stop to the carnage with our Post Guards and Postsaver® sleeves.

A caller to our office recently was suffering from fence fatigue. His posts were being nicked and damaged by the local maintenance crew. Every cut exposed the wood to rot, termites, and moisture damage. The poor man’s damaged fence posts were about to snap. What should he do? Install new fence posts was an obvious option. Even with new posts in the ground, though, he would still have the problem when the crews returned in the spring.

Luckily for the caller, Fence Armor® has a solution. No longer do you have to put up with damaged fence posts and put your investment at risk. Our stock of fence post protection items solves all the problems. Now, you don’t have to live with damaged fence posts anymore.

Let’s take a look at the problem and solution to damaged fence posts.

How do fence posts get so damaged?

The ground line level is where all the action happens for a fence post. It is that area about 18 inches below the dirt and around 12 inches above it. Your fence post is exposed here to two different enemies.

The trimmers and mowers come too close to the fence post for comfort. As a result, they nick the wood and often take chips off throughout the summer or year depending on where you are located. It does not matter how careful you are; the trimmer will hit the post. You may not see the damage immediately, but it is happening.

Below the dirt, moisture and cold weather effects can be busy eating away at the posts. Damage you may not see until it spreads above ground. Termites, too, may be making a home in the damaged fence posts, without you knowing.

Post damage

Luckily we have a few solutions in our armory.

Post Guards will protect your fence posts

All those nicks and gouges from the trimmers can be a thing of the past. Fence Armor® Post Guards will protect the fence post and keep the wood safe.

Our Post Guards are American-made, of galvanized American steel. They are powder coated for extra protection. The Post Guards will not rust, snap, split or break while in service. The trimmer can hit the Post Guards as much as it likes, but it will not do any damage.

Post Guards are easy to fit. They are in two sections that attach to either side of the fence post. You have a choice of sizes, and comes with the correct screws for easy fitting.

Full Protection

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Postsaver® sleeves for another level of protection

For that invisible spot beneath the dirt, we have just the right product for all-year-round protection.

Postsaver® sleeves from Fence Armor® are a barrier against moisture and termites. The sleeves come in sizes to fit all wood fence posts and are easy to attach. You measure where the post will go, marking Postsaver® two inches above ground and twelve inches below ground, and slide the Postsaver® sleeve into place. Using a heat gun, you then mold the sleeve to the fence post. When you bury the post in the dirt, you will know that it is safe. The effects of moisture and cold weather problems will not penetrate the Postsaver® sleeve barrier.

A big bonus is that our Postsaver® sleeves have a 20-year warranty on pressure treated posts and double the life span of non-pressure treated posts. They will keep working and caring for your fence and give you one less thing to worry about over the years.

Postsaver Installation

Damaged fence posts can be a thing of the past

Fence posts don’t have to be damaged and chipped at the bottom. You don’t have to stand for these eyesores in your garden and backyard. Fence Armor® products are easy to work with and will keep your fence posts looking as good as new.

You don’t have to live with damaged fence posts, thanks to Fence Armor®, you can prevent, protect and prolong the lives of your posts.

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At Fence Armor® we know the problem of damaged fence posts. We also know you can solve the problem with our products. Post Guards and Postsaver® sleeves save you money. They protect your investment. Do not live with damaged fence posts. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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