Woodpeckers, Squirrels & Pets, Oh My! Tips to Protect Your Fence from Critters This Year

Cute critters can do a lot of damage to a fence. They may look like the friendliest fellows around, but your fence will suffer when animals get going with their teeth or claws. If you ignore the damage, it could mean a lot of trouble in the future for the fence. A few tips to protect a fence from critters will help you get through the year.

Many people build a fence on their property to protect the garden from critter attacks. A produce patch, the flower beds, and even the lawn can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. The problem can get worse if the critters attack the fence too. At Fence Armor®, we know the difficulty with critters, and we put together a few tips for better fence post protection.

Included on our list of tips to protect a fence from critters is:

  • Post Guards are one of the tips to protect a fence from critters
  • Putting on a post cap will deter the birds
  • Staining and sealing will keep critters away
  • Build higher and better fencing

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Post Guards are one of the tips to protect a fence from critters

Any critter or even that family pet Fido will like to eat away at a fence post. The dog will sharpen their teeth on the fresh wood, and ground feeders want to do the same. Even if you put wire mesh along the bottom of the fence to keep rabbits and raccoons out, they will eat their way around the post.

Fence Armor® Post Guards are the perfect solution to critters and the favorite pet eating the bottom of a fence post. Made from American galvanized steel and manufactured in North America, these Post Guards are designed to last. The powder-coated steel will not rust, buckle or deteriorate even in the worst of weather conditions.

The Post Guards come in two parts which you screw onto the fence post. Once in place, they give you fence post protection for many years. They not only protect against critters but also prevent grass trimmer cord damage.

We developed the Post Guards to be simple to attach, and you can get them in various sizes.  You can even remove them if you are moving home or staining the fence.

Post guards

Putting on a Post Cap will deter the birds

Often the damage to a fence post can come from the top down. A horse or deer will chew at the tasty top of the post and chip away at the outer layers. It is known in many places as cribbing and can leave a fence in a lot of danger.

Woodpeckers and other birds like to land on the fence post and peck at the surface. Sometimes they are after insects, or maybe they are sharpening their beaks? Either way, a bird or a cribbing horse may take away a lot of the wood and leave the post open to weather problems. Without fence post protection, your post may begin to decay.

Among our tips to protect a fence from critters are Fence Armor® CAP CLAW™ Fence Post Caps & Deck Post Caps. They will solve the problem of birds or horses eat the fence post. Our easy to attach post caps fit snugly around the top of the fence post. The critters will not be able to remove it, and the post will be safe. If cribbing is still a problem, you can use a round post guard to cover more of the fence post.

Staining and sealing will deter the critters

Pets and those cute little critters love the taste of fresh wood. They might be using the wood slices to clean their teeth or to sharpen them for hunting. Some animals get nutrients from the wood, and you will need fence post protection to stop the problem.

Another one of our tips to protect a fence from critters is a regular coating of a stain and seal. It will take away the scent and temptation of the fresh wood. Not only will the stain and seal bring out the grain and color of the fence, but it protects it at the same time. You need not do a coating every season but ask your fence protection agent for advice on the best methods.

Stain & Seal Experts

Photo Courtesy of Stain & Seal Experts

Build higher and better fencing 

Often you need the right fence to deter the critters and other animals. It is one of our tips to protect a fence from critters that you look at the size too. A small fence is easy for bigger animals to push over. If you build a tall fence, a deer or horse will not try to push it over.

If you have an old fence, it may be beyond your attempts to protect it. Often a new fence with all the fence post protection extras will be the best tool to fight off the critters. New wood is stronger and more resistant to animal attacks. Many people install vinyl fencing, which is naturally resistant to animals. You can still use Fence Armor® Post Guards and Post Caps on a vinyl fence.

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At Fence Armor® we have many tips to protect a fence from critters. Our experts have first-hand experience with most critter problems. Ask them for any advice you may need. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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