Wood Fence Rot: What is it And How to Prevent It

Wood fence rot puts your fence at serious risk of collapse. It is as simple as that though many people do not take any steps to prevent fence post rot and suffer the consequences. The sooner you know what wood fence rot is and how to prevent it, the better it is for your fence. Every fence is under threat from the day it goes up on your property, but if you are well armed from day one, you can protect your investment.

At Fence Armor® fence protection is our business. We spent years and years designing and developing the best fence protection products to prevent fence rot and other fence maintenance problems. Our product range will prevent fence post rot and keep your fence looking like new for many years. Is there a better way to add curb value than having a well-kept fence in the front yard greeting visitors?

Our list of what wood fence rot is and how to prevent it includes:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

A quick guide to wood fence rot

Wood fence rot can happen where you can’t even see it starting. Deep in the soil, oxygen, and moisture combine to create perfect conditions for wood rot. Unfortunately, when you bury your fence posts in the dirt, you are putting them in the perfect place for rot to get started in the wood.

When the conditions are right the wood fence rot starts to grow and prosper on each fence post. You cannot see it happening, but the rot eats away at the wood and weakens the structure. The rot quickly goes deep into any wood fence post, and you may not know it until the fence begins to sag.

prevent fence post rot

Prevention is better than the cure

The good news is that there are steps to take before construction to prevent fence post rot. An easy one is to make sure you build the fence on well-drained soil and in areas that get a lot of sunlight. Keeping the fence away from wet, swampy land, if possible, is another top-of-the-list suggestion.

Always line the bottom of the fence post hole with small gravel to help drain any excess moisture from the soil. Many landowners also bury their fence posts in concrete which can add to costs but will keep the post dry. You should always use top-quality, pressure-treated wood posts on the fence.

prevent fence post rot- Postsaver in concrete

Dry rot is a very big problem

We know that wood fence rot can start beneath the soil and get to work on the fence posts. Dry rot, though, is a very big problem and one that you could miss if not careful. In sunny areas the wood fence is exposed to the sun’s rays for maybe five or six months of the year, and the wood will suffer.

The sun’s rays dry out the wood very quickly - essential oils that protect the wood evaporate and leave the fence dry and brittle. Termites and other insects will find a home in the tasty wood. Fence Armor® recommends Stain and Seal Experts products to protect posts and rails from sun damage.

Adding Postsaver® Sleeves helps prevent rot in the ground

At Fence Armor® we offer the Postsaver® Sleeves, as they are a lasting layer of protection for every wood fence post. When you want to protect a fence post you will need that extra layer to keep the moisture and oxygen at bay. The good news is that Postsaver® Sleeves work and are easy to apply.

Our Postsaver® Sleeves are heat-sealed to the fence post. To prevent fence post rot, they go on at the ground line level, covering the wood both above and below the soil. You need to order the right size for your posts and melt the bituminous inner sleeve to the post, when in place, with a heat torch.

Fence Post Caps are another weapon

Landowners often invest in all the right wood fence protection products but miss one essential spot. Yes, the top of the fence post is as exposed as the rest of the post and can actually come under a lot of attack. The sun dries out the wood allowing moisture to seep in and rot the post.

Fence Armor® fence post caps are another weapon in the fight to prevent fence post rot. Our products are easy to apply and simple to remove as well when staining the wood during the annual maintenance. You can even add fence post cap decorative finials for that extra touch of style.

Post Caps to prevent fence post rot

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At Fence Armor® we know all about wood fence rot. You could say it is our business, and we know plenty of ways to prevent fence post rot from day one. Ask our experts for advice on your next project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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