Winter Fence Maintenance To Prepare Your Fence For Spring!

Winter Fence Maintenance To Prepare Your Fence For Spring!

Feb 02 2018

It looks as if we are in store for a cold February, so no early Spring...yet.

Here are some helpful maintenance tips that you can do today to prepare your fence for the remainder of winter and have it ready to welcome spring with open arms!

Maintenance Tips:

As obvious as this subject can be, it can be easily forgotten. Maintaining proper maintenance on your fence through the winter can make a BIG difference when spring arrives. Here is a quick list to help.

1. Start Early: This allows you to go at your own pace and take time inspecting your fence. It is important to check over every aspect of your post and if any damage is found - address it immediately to avoid any further damage.

2. Clean The Surrounding Area: If the rest of your yard is a mess, that can lead to potential damage to your fence. During the winter, the weather conditions and wind can blow and move things that could hit your fence.

3. Replace Posts If Needed: This is not always the favored option but sometimes it is necessary. If you notice extensive damage, whether it be at the beginning of the winter or spring, it might be time for a fence or post replacement.

4. Installing Fence Armor: Fence Armor is made in America from 100% recyclable G-90, 22-Gauge American-Made Galvanized Steel. It is meant to withstand harsh winters and protect against your garden tools like rakes, shovels, dethatchers and lawn trimmers that can cause damage to your fence during your spring maintenance clean up. Fence Armor is a year-round product designed to extend the life of your fence posts while keeping them looking their best.

Check out Tom of Home Craft Chronicles' review and see how Fence Armor stands up to lawn equipment!

It is never too late to start taking care of your fence, so use these tips and get started today!

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