Did Your Fence Not Quite Make It Through the Winter?

How is your fence after the winter? It is an innocent enough question to ask though some people may take offense. What do you mean? Of course my fence made it through the winter. Look at it out there in the yard, standing tall and protecting the property. The problem is that sometimes a fence after the winter is not as strong as it looks to the naked eye.

At Fence Armor® we believe that if you maintain and care for your fence, the chances are that it will make it through the winter. What happens if the fence was in place when you bought the property? How do you know that the previous owner looked after the fence? Often the biggest threat to a fence is happening beneath the ground-line, where you cannot see all the previous winter damage.

Included on the list of checking your fence after the winter is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Checking the fence after the winter storms

Your garden or yard fence is outside in every type of weather condition. Each day and night, it has to put up with all the winter throws at it, and the storms can do a lot of damage. Even if the fence comes through a couple of storms does not mean that another one won’t cause serious damage to it.

Get out in the yard and check the fence after the winter storms. Take a look at the fence and check the rails and posts. If there is any debris, clear it away before it can become too heavy. If a tree is not looking safe, trim it before the fence gets damaged by falling branches.

Fence in winter

Pull at those posts

Your fence posts may look safe in the ground, and you may think they are doing a great job of keeping the fence in place. The problem can be what is happening beneath the soil. A cold winter will be a big problem if the fence posts are exposed to the freezing soil conditions below the surface.

Do a fence post check whenever you can get out in the yard. Pull at the posts and see if they are safe in the ground. If the posts are loose, they could break and pull the fence over or put it under pressure. A series of loose posts can put a lot of pressure on the fence and cause serious winter damage. Ice shift moves the posts in the soil and can even push one out during the winter.

Rotted Post

A fence in winter is under pressure

Cold, wet and windy winter problems will affect every type of fence. A vinyl fence suffers from wind damage. The cold weather can cause problems for an aluminum fence, and rain, snow, and ice can break wooden posts and rails.

Sometimes you will not see the effects of the winter damage until the spring thaw. Your fence is under a lot of pressure in the winter. When it comes to the spring, you will need to do repairs and you should replace any damaged parts of the fence after the winter.

winter damage for metal fence

Look for signs of mold and mildew

If you live in a wet and damp district, your wooden fence may suffer from mold and mildew. The dark winter months will be the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to grow and prosper. If you have an older fence, the problems may get worse very quickly.

After the winter, take a look at the fence posts and rails. Mold and mildew often grow under the rails or where they meet the posts. If you can get a pen or pencil into the wood, then you are in trouble. When you see fungi and black spots appearing after the winter, then you know you have a few problems.

winter damage for wooden fence

Heavy snow is not good for any fence

Heavy snow is not good for any fence

You know how lovely the fence looks at Christmas when the rails are covered in snow. How many Christmas cards have scenes of a decorated, snow-covered fence in them? The problem is that snow is not good for any fence.

The weight of the snow and ice does a lot of winter damage to any fence. An aluminum, wood, or vinyl fence will sag under the pressure, and the posts may crack or pull out of the soil. If you live in a heavy snow area, always check the posts and rails for signs of weakness on the fence after the winter.

snow damage for wooden fence

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At Fence Armor® we know about the problems for a fence from winter damage. There are many signs to look for but nothing that is too difficult. Ask our experts for advice on your fence after the winter. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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