Why You Need A Mailbox Post Protector: Common Dangers

Have you got a mailbox? If you do not, you should get one, as they are a fabulous addition to your yard or front garden. If you have one or are thinking of adding one, do not forget the mailbox post protector. The benefits of a mailbox post protector are many, as are the dangers of not having one.

At Fence Armor®, we get a lot of questions about the mailbox post protector. Usually, we get asked about them after the damage has happened, when the mailbox post is in trouble. As with anything in life, prevention is the best cure. With this in mind, we put together a helpful piece on the common dangers to your mailbox post.

Common dangers from not having a mailbox post protector include:

  • Your grass trimmer can cut the mailbox post to shreds
  • Pets, rodents, and kids can do a lot of damage
  • Rot and termites can eat away at the mailbox
  • What is a mailbox post protector?

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Your grass trimmer can cut the mailbox post to shreds

You know the problem. The mower cannot get to cut the grass around the mailbox post. If you try too much, you may do damage to the post or the mower.

Grass and weeds look unsightly around the mailbox post, and you want to cut them back.

The grass trimmer will do the work and keep the area tidy. Unfortunately, the grass trimmer will also cut into the mailbox post. The plastic strip chips, slices, and whips away the outer layer of wood and can cut through vinyl. Any damage can be fatal to the post, and it happens even when you are very careful.

A mailbox post protector prevents any damage from happening. The overall protection will add many years to your fence or mailbox post.

Beat up mailbox post

Pets, rodents, and kids can do a lot of damage

Take a look at an unprotected mailbox post or any fence post. Do you see those little nicks and nibbles around the base of the post? Those are teeth marks from the family pet or maybe a few rodents living in the garden. Cats love to sharpen their claws on a fresh post, and their nails can cut deep into the wood.

Your kids kicking a ball at the mailbox post can do a lot of damage. What kid won’t lean their bike against the mailbox post when in a hurry? Even if you tell them not to do it? If you do not protect the mailbox post, the damage from the pets and kids can get out of control.

Mailbox Post Protectors from Fence Armor® prevent all that damage from happening.

Rodents on fence

Rot and termites can do a lot of damage

The nicks, cuts, and scratches do a lot of damage to the mailbox post.

Rain, dampness, ice, and moisture will soak into the wood. Cold winters will freeze the water and split the wood. The damage will also allow rot, fungi, and termites into the mailbox post to eat away at the wood.

Termites are a big problem for wood fence posts. They can live in the garden under old leaves or branches. When they want to lay eggs, they will make way to some lovely fresh posts. An unprotected, cut, or sliced mailbox post will look delicious to a termite. Once inside, they lay eggs which eat their way back out after hatching.

Adding a Fence Armor® Postsaver Sleeve prevents all these problems.

Just what is a mailbox post protector?

We get asked this question a lot when we offer one to a client.

Putting it simply, a mailbox post protector consists of two pieces of galvanized steel. They fit around the base of your post, and you secure them in place using the available set of screws. Our mailbox post protectors are American-made of galvanized American steel. The protectors are easy to attach and give post protection for many years.

Now when the grass trimmer or weedwacker hits, the mailbox post will be protected. There will not be any nicks, cuts, scratches, or slices into the wood or vinyl posts. You can remove the mailbox post protector when you need to clean or stain and seal the post.

It makes sense to add a Fence Armor® mailbox post protector.

Mailbox Post Protector

Photo provided by: Mitchell's Lawn Care, LLC

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