Why Post Protection Matters When Adding to or Replacing a Fence

Everyone should invest in fence post protection. If you do not care for the fence from the posts to the rails, then you are inviting trouble. Every part of a fence needs protecting, even when adding to or replacing a fence.

At Fence Armor® we know about fence post protection. Fence protection is our business and a subject which we invest time and money in to bring the best products to you, our loyal customers. Our experts spend their time developing new fence post protection products and improving on existing ones.

Included on the list of why fence post protection matters when adding to or replacing a fence is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

A fence is only as strong as the weakest point

You may have heard this before, but every structure is only as strong as its weakest point. It is a very true saying, even if it gets thrown around a lot in conversation. When it comes to a fence, you need every part to be protected for it to stand firm for many years on the property.

Fence post rot can get into the wood posts very quickly. The posts are in the most danger at the ground line, the crucial area about a foot above and below the soil. The oxygen levels in the soil combine with the moisture to create perfect conditions for fence post rot to thrive. All the damage will develop beneath the ground where you cannot see it happening. Termites can also get into the fence posts just above the soil and eat away at the wood.

When a fence post is undermined by rot or termites, it will break and fall over, bringing the rest of the fence with it.

Termites in the wood

Adding fence post protection is easier at the start

Do you want to have to dig up your fence posts to add the protection? No, of course not, as you will probably do more damage than good in the process. The best time for adding fence post protection is before the posts go into the soil.

The same is true when adding to or replacing your fence. Each and every fence post should have protection added as you work, protecting your fence from day one. We often get calls from clients looking to add fence post protection as their fence is already in trouble. They believe that pressure-treated high-grade wood will survive in the soil, and it does, but only for a few years.

Always add fence post protection before you install the fence. It will save you time and money in the future.

Fence post protection products protect your investment

The great news for those adding to or replacing a fence is that we have a great range of fence post protection products in stock. All of our products do an excellent job, are easy to install, and come in single units or multiples for larger projects.

Fence Armor® Post Guards take care of the fence posts above the soil. The fence posts of both wood and vinyl fences are in a lot of danger there when left unprotected. When you or the maintenance crew cut the grass getting in and around the posts is a big problem. The grass trimmer or Weedwacker will cut the grass but will also catch the posts. All the cuts, snips, and nicks will damage and weaken the posts, eventually causing one to snap in the wind.

Fence Armor® Post Guards are made from galvanized North American steel. They will not rust, buckle or crack under pressure and are good for at least 20 years. You can easily fit them to any posts size, and they offer excellent fence post protection.

Postsaver® Sleeves stop the rot

The rot happening beneath the soil is a big problem for all fence owners. When adding to or replacing a fence, do not forget to add the fence post protection for rot, fungi, and mildew problems.

Fence Armor® Postsaver Sleeves are a simple but highly effective solution. They are easy to attach and only require a short bit of time for each fence post. Your heat gun melts the interior of the Postsaver® Sleeve to the wood fence post adding an impenetrable barrier to moisture and soil problems. The sleeves are good for at least 20 years and also offer fence post protection above the ground line. Termites, mildew, moss, and fungi will not get into the wood to do any damage.

Postsaver® Sleeves and Post Guards protect the posts when adding to or replacing your fence.


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At Fence Armor® we know of the dangers to fence posts. You should add fence post protection when adding to or replacing a fence. Ask our experts for advice. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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