Why Is Fence Armor The Best Defence For Your Fence?

A string trimmer, also known as a weed whacker, is a tool that uses a flexible filament to cut grass. Invented by George Ballas of Houston, Texas in the early seventies, the idea was conceived while watching the cleaning brushes in a car wash. Those brushes in fact, scored a car's finish. The damage was insidious caused by a repeated use over time, much like the damage caused by a power trimmer. To your posts. With the weed whacker being a staple in modern day landscaping, the engineering team at Fence Armor got to work, determined to create a strong North American made solution.  The goal was to provide a simple, quality engineered product at a modest price. It needed to work for all types and sizes of post. It needed to be strong and long lasting, and it needed to look great. Every detail was considered. Fence Armor is made of galvanized steel, not aluminum or plastic, as they are too soft and fallible. Even the design of the fastener holes allowed for expansion and contraction of the post over time.

The patented design even encompasses a perfectly engineered corner radii, which increases its strength while also decreasing breakage of your trimmer line, enhance the beauty of your garden landscapes and prolong the life of your fences.