Where's The Beef?

What do Fence Armor and Roast Beef have in common? They both satisfy a need you sometimes don't realize you have. Fence Armor prides itself in being able to stand against any competitor because of its easy installation, strong design and the added beauty it offers the post; so let's make a big beef about Fence Armor.

So why are we mentioning beef? When you are outside all day, whether that be working on fences, doing a landscaping job or maintaining your clients lawn, you build up quite the rumble in your stomach; you need fuel. Well just like Fence Armor being the best defence for your fence, a good ol' helping of Roast Beef is the perfect defence against hunger. Today we are going to share with you a delicious one-pot meal that is Fence Armor team approved!

Now if you are looking for the beef, don't look anywhere else because we have it literally and figuratively!

Ingredients List:

4 Pounds of Chuck Roast, tied

6 Slices of Bacon

1/2 a cup of Beef Broth

2 Cups of Red Wine

12 Cloves of Garlic, smashed

4 Bay leaves

3 Turnips, chopped

3 Large Carrots, chopped

3 Onions, thinly sliced, chopped

1 Small Celery Root, chopped

The "Rub" Ingredients:

2 Tsp of Ground Pepper and Salt

2 Tsp of Paprika

2 Tsp of Piri Piri or Cayenne Pepper

2 Tsp of Thyme

1 Tsp of Brown Sugar

Garlic Powder (add to taste)

Cooking Instructions:

3. While the roast is resting, take a dutch oven or 4 quarts pot and saute the bacon. As the bacon gets crisped, take it off and set it aside. Now add the beef to the oven or pot and sear it on all sides, using the leftover bacon fat to cook it.

4. Once seared, take out beef and de-glaze the pan completely. Then add 2 cups of red wine, simmering it to reduce it to half a cup. Then add the beef broth.

5. Once the beef broth and red wine have had a chance to simmer, put in the bacon, beef and add the onions and garlic on top and around. Then put the lid on and put in the oven for 1 hour.

6. After an hour has passed, turn over the roast and make sure there is enough liquid still remaining, if not add more beef broth or red wine. Then put in the oven for another hour.

7. Take the roast out of the oven, check for seasoning (add more if needed) and then add all root vegetables. Then put back in the oven and cook for another 30 minutes or long enough to soften the vegetables.

8. Once done, let it rest and serve when ready.

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