What You Need To Know About Fence Armor Finials | Fence Armor

All righty so we're talking about Fence Armor Finials. We're so excited about it um we're making post caps and finials right now. Our post caps are designed to work from lumber that's 3 3/8" all the way up to 4 3/16" or so. So when you buy a 4x4 most of you realize that you're not really getting a 4x4 most of the time usually 3.5" sometimes 3 5/8" sometimes 3 7/8" it's all over the place. So our caps are really cool and adjustable and also we have finials that can go on our caps and i'll explain that more in detail but if you've got other caps already like I have here. I've got this this cap pre-existing and it doesn't have a hole on the top you can see here it's pointy so our finials require a quarter inch hole so they're quarter twenty uh threaded the stand is quarter twenty and they come with a quarter twenty nut so if we put a hole on an existing cap so you don't have to buy our caps right off the bat um or we don't have that size, you can use a pre-existing cap and drill a hole. In this case I've got a quarter inch drill and that'll give us enough clearance so what I've done here for a setup you'll see I've got here a couple of 2x4’s and a sacrificial board here on the bottom some old fence board I've got here and if we flip it upside down so now we need to put on our finial I'll just go and grab that. This is Hops and there's our 1/4" - 20 stem and it comes with the the nut so you put it in here and now you can just flip it over and use your nut to put it on. Now one of the things here is don't over tighten it, it's really important because remember this is a hundred percent zinc and yes it is American zinc but still a very soft metal and if you over tighten it then you could strip it um or even snap it so just be careful when you're working in there now you can align it the way you want maybe uh I don't know whichever way and you'll figure out when you get out there how you want it aligned but uh yeah there you now have a cap with a finial.