What Tools Will You Need to Leverage the Best Postsaver® Products Yourself?

Are you installing a new fence? Are those fence posts going into the dirt unprotected? Do you want them to last and last and last for more than 20 years? If your answers are yes to all the above, you should use Postsaver® Sleeves for complete fence post protection.

At Fence Armor® we doffer Postsaver® Sleeves as a response to fence post rot. When an unprotected fence post goes into the dirt, it is exposed to many threats. Conditions are perfect for fence post rot and decay to take hold in the damp soil when oxygen is added to the mix. Our Postsaver® Sleeves give full fence post protection where it is needed the most. All you need is to fix them to the fence posts with the right tools.

The tools you will need to do the best at fitting your Postsaver® Sleeves are:

  • What are Postsaver® Sleeves?
  • A blow torch will be necessary
  • Do not forget the roller
  • You may need a sharp knife
  • The staple gun helps with the Postsaver® rolls

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

What are Postsaver® Sleeves?

Fence Armor® Postsaver Sleeves are a simple but ingenious invention, even if we say so ourselves. You do not have to take our word for it, though, as our clients keep coming back for more. When you read the reviews, you will understand why we believe in our product so strongly.

Postsaver® Sleeves are a protective covering for your fence post. Each one has a thermoplastic bituminous interior liner which heat seals onto the wood surface of the post. When attached to your fence post, it gives an airtight and watertight barrier around the base for complete protection. Each sleeve goes on at the ground-line level, where you get the worst fence post rot, fungi, and mildew.

You can purchase Postsaver® Sleeves in single units or packs of ten. For larger projects, you can buy five-yard rolls of protective sleeves and cut to fit each post.

A blow torch will be necessary

Do not be put off by the idea of using a blow torch. They are very safe and easy to use, and after doing a couple of Postsaver® Sleeve fittings, you will be working like a pro. You can use a hot air gun for smaller jobs, a tool with many uses around the home and yard.

You will use the blow torch, or hot air gun, for sealing the Postsaver® Sleeves onto the wood posts. Heat is applied evenly around the sleeve for a short time until you see it take hold on the wood. When it sets the sleeve will give full fence post protection.

Postsaver Sleeves with Torch

Do not forget the roller

A simple foam or cloth roller can be of a huge help when attaching the Postsaver® Sleeves to the square fence posts. When you apply the heat from the blow torch or heat gun, there may be some trapped air under the plastic. If you do not remove the air, it will bubble and eventually burst, making the Postsaver® Sleeve unable to do its work. Fence post rot can start from the smallest hole.

Run the roller over the sleeve until any air is forced out at the top. Rolling the sleeve also ensures it covers the post tightly.

You may need a sharp knife

All Postsaver® Sleeves come designed to fit perfectly to your fence posts at the ground-line level. When you purchase the sleeves in the roll format, you will need to cut each section to fit the posts. After you measure the size of the posts on the roll, you will need to cut it precisely so there is not any waste.

A sharp knife or blade will do an excellent job here. When you cut each one without wasting an inch, you will get the full value from the rolls.

Postsaver Sleeves Wrap & Tack

Get Postsaver Postsaver Sleeves - 5 Yard Roll (Wrap & Tack)

The staple gun helps with Postsaver® rolls

With the correct size cut, you will need to attach the loose Postsaver® to the fence post. You can do this with a staple gun but use a quality one with large staples to keep the cover in place.

Do not mess about when using a staple gun. Place it straight onto the sleeve when it is tightly in place on the post. You do not want wrinkles or creases that can gather air or burst under pressure.

Staple Gun

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At Fence Armor® we know about fence post protection. Our Postsaver® Sleeves will stop fence post rot, mildew, and fungi. Ask our experts for advice on your project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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