What Landscapers Are Saying About Post Damage (Post Protection) | Fence Armor

Fence Armor has done a great job in supporting the lawn care YouTube community, including events like I had, the 2018 Lawn Care Life Conference. Fence Armor supported that and sponsored that event so let's talk about Fence Armor. Hey Lawn Care Nation, in this video we're gonna take a first look at Fence Armor. Coming up. So, we're gonna correct that. We're gonna make sure that never happens again. This post was pretty beat up but uh pretty much these two screws, one on that side, one on that side. If you really wanted to you could put some kind of weather sealer up under it but I think we'll be good without it. Now I used to use another kind but it was plastic and I would just tear it up you know after a year but this is like galvanized steel I believe, I don't think it's gonna... So those of you with wooden posts, either your mailbox post or fence posts you know that you weed whack around those and when you weed whack around those you're hitting the wood, you’re taking chunks out of the wood and you're actually creating a problem for yourself right so either you don't weed whack well around your post or you just go in hard and you just hope for the best that you're not going to destroy your post well Fence Armor now makes this exactly what it is. It's an armor that you put around the bottom of the posts and it's made of this metal here and it's powder coated and it's beautiful you can get it in all different colors and all that and you put that right around your post so I’m gonna do that on my mailbox which is a challenge I've had this is gonna solve it. So that last thing I am going to be doing for these boxes is going through and applying a product called Fence Armor, this is just a small low-profile metal bracket that slips onto the bottom of the post to protect it from getting eaten up from a weed eater. It connects to the post with just one simple screw and this way we can come through here and not worry about the wood on the post boxes getting chewed up over time. You don't want it directly on the ground. I feel like that would hold water and you're not gonna be weed eating this low anyway so you want it probably about where you would hit your string at probably an inch up that way you could hit two to three inches on it so I figured I'd show you guys this, just a quick little product you can put on mailboxes, anything. Now another neat feature of them is there design there so when you have the two halves together and you're mounting your screws on the two sides there, so that slotted design allows for expansion and contraction in the wood during temperature changes and the corners aren't completely square they've got a nice round edge so that when you're trimming against them it's not destroying your trimmer line and breaking off pieces it allows the trimmer line just to sort of glide over that area there. So, as you guys can see, it is extremely easy to install anybody can do this they make it simple. From a commercial point of view it would be phenomenal, all the years I've been doing this business I've seen so many fence posts destroyed from trimmer string even stuff as small as point 0.85 or 0.95 which is typical at 90% everybody uses I've seen it demolish string. I've had employees that have just wrecked people's fences, mailbox posts, I've wrecked my own fair share without a doubt. So, this definitely takes care of that. Couple things to note from this test, first of all just a slight bit of powder on this plate but when wiped off no obvious signs of damage, so I would have to say that concludes these things are built to last. These guys actually really support the community. They comment on everybody's videos and they're really nice folks, Stephanie, Al, the rest of the team. Actually saw them at GIE last year, super nice people, will do anything for you kind of people and their little invention here is Fence Armor, so, fence post protectors. But I will tell you this, the people over at Fence Armor are awesome people, they take care of you, you message them, you email them, they respond like that. I'm a big believer in Fence Armor products, so much so I used them to protect my vinyl fences at Petty's Garage and my home. It's a strong product that's built to last. Fence Armor is Richard Petty approved.