What IS Post Protection | Fence Armor

Fortify Your Posts with Fence Armor, the Ultimate Protective Shield


Maintaining durable, long-lasting fence, gate, gazebo and other outdoor posts often means guarding against damage from weed whackers and other impacts. Fence Armor offers the ultimate resilient solution to preserve and protect valuable posts.

The Ongoing Threat of Accidental Post Damage

Weed trimmers and other yard tools, as useful as they are for manicuring lawns, often inadvertently strike and chip wooden, vinyl, and metal posts. These encounters can bend or split posts over time, requiring expensive replacement or repairs down the road.

Fence Armor: Impenetrable Protection from Impacts

Fence Armor is an innovative galvanized steel shield that fully encases posts with a rugged, protective coating that allows no room for damage. The snug, precision fit and resilient construction withstand even the most aggressive weed whacker strikes.

Quick and Easy Installation for Immediate Protection

This simple no-fuss solution effortlessly slips over existing posts in minutes with basic tools, immediately shielding vulnerability points from contact for long-term preservation.

Weather-Resistant, Bend-Proof Construction

Made from 100% galvanized steel, the corruption-resistant Fence Armor never rusts, bends, or breaks, keeping posts safely shielded through all weather conditions year after year.

Universal, Adaptable Protection

Available in varying dimensions for any post width and customizable lengths, these defensive guards provide a reliable barrier around wooden, metal, vinyl, and other post materials for versatile protection.

Invest Once, Save Daily Maintenance Costs

Rather than sink money into perpetually replacing and repairing posts, this ultra-tough barricade withstands it all – no more patching posts or calling repair technicians.

Fence Armor: A Long-Lasting Safeguard

Leave vulnerability behind – ensure lasting post integrity with Fence Armor. This rugged galvanized guard is the cost-effective, adaptable impact solution designed to fully preserve and protect for the long run.